Coat and sneaker combination

Sneakers have long gone beyond exclusively sportswear and are used in almost any style. Recently, girls are increasingly using a combination of sneakers with a coat. This combination is suitable for most situations and emphasizes the sense of style of its owner.

How to wear a coat with sneakers

We will tell you whether it is possible to combine these wardrobe details. And also show photos that will help you understand how to do it right.

What coat can you wear with sneakers?

The selection of outerwear should be approached with caution.

  • Not every product will be combined with sports products.
  • Stylists recommend choosing a straight coat of a free cut.
  • You can choose slightly fitted models that are slightly narrowed on the sides .
  • A successful acquisition will be the style of the cocoon . It is suitable for combination with sports models, heeled shoes or wedges.

Important! When combined with sports shoes, you should choose a coat without bright decorative elements. Ruffles, bows, color embroidery will not harmonize with sneakers.

Length selection

Length also matters. In combination with sneakers, a long coat to the knee and below looks particularly harmonious.

For example, a coat cut robe maximum length will be a good option. When choosing a cocoon style product, it is better to stop at a knee length or slightly higher .

Many girls prefer shortened models of outerwear, which make it possible to emphasize the slimness and length of the legs. In this case, you should pay attention to the men's cut products, which resemble an elongated jacket.

Help When choosing a length, you should focus on personal parameters. Miniature girls should better refuse to buy products below the knee.

Color spectrum

Properly selected shades are important in any ensemble. To combine with sports options for shoes should choose a coat of neutral colors: beige, black, gray . Large-cell models look harmonious . For example, a cocoon-style coat, decorated in blue and white.

For more feminine and romantic natures, a combination of sports shoes with a pale pink product is suitable. This shade in the last season is very popular.

Reference. It is better to refuse to choose outerwear of saturated impulsive shades.

They are more suitable for attire with shoes with heels. The exceptions are saturated blue or yellow.

Additions for a combination of a coat with sneakers

When choosing a combination of coats with sneakers, you should consider the image to the smallest detail. Failure to choose the bottom or accessories will cause a tasteless outfit.

  • Finish off your look with a black sweatshirt and blue skinny jeans . White sneakers and a black handbag will be the finishing touch.
  • To a pink coat, it is recommended to choose shoes in tone. The most successful combination of stylists consider a combination of pink and gray . The top can be a gray blouse with a sporty cut, the bottom can be gray loose trousers with fashionable twists. In addition - a fashionable pink and gray checked scarf and a small matching handbag.
  • Coat-bathrobe is one of the trends of the current season. Skinny black trousers and white sneakers with solid soles are suitable for a beige coat . The top can be a white T-shirt with a loose cut or striped blouse. Of the accessories - a bag and a light scarf to match.

Help Sneakers - wedge sneakers - will suit the classic style.

Fashion tips

  • Accessories are an integral part of any outfit. Do not forget about the handbag, stole or scarf collar . A competent addition will be a hat or. The bag can be changed to a leather backpack.
  • When choosing trousers, it is recommended to stay on classic or slightly narrowed models with a standard length. Length 7/8 does not harmonize well with a long top, so it will be somewhat difficult to beat this option.
  • Skirts give full play to the imagination. Models of mini, classic length or midi look advantageous. Lovers of classics will appreciate the combination of a leather pencil skirt and sneakers.
  • When choosing a dress, it is better to dwell on sports cut products . It can be a fitted knitwear or an elongated tunic.
  • Animal print in the last season has gained great popularity. An organic addition to the wardrobe will be sneakers on a solid compacted sole with a leopard print . A sweatshirt, blouse or t-shirt with white and black stripes harmoniously looks at the top.

Fashion trends are changing at a rapid pace. Many combinations, previously considered bad form, are in demand and are in great demand. These include the combination of coats and sneakers - an unusual, but stylish and bright image. Using such a combination in the outfit, each fashionista will be distinguished by a special style and elegance. This will help any girl stand out from the crowd, having a unique appearance.