Is clothing size 46 already fat?

Standards of female beauty vary from century to century. I recently argued with my girlfriend whether clothing size 46 is really a critical point, after which you need to urgently go on a tight diet? Opinions on the forums are fundamentally different, but where is the truth?

Advertising victim

Marketing is an insidious thing that is on its own mind. For example, it’s fashionable to go in for sports. A healthy lifestyle has become a priority, and it pleases! A pumped-up body, toned muscles and a flat tummy at any age become a reason for envy. But what if clubs are at every turn and potential customers don’t go? Right! Run active ads! Every day we come across offers of favorable season passes and biological food supplements.

More and more professional models, using social networks and publicity, speak out against imposed standards, complaining about excessive requirements and the need to exhaust themselves with diets and harm their health.

Playing on a subconscious desire to always remain a beautiful and elegant woman, we are constantly offered to drink a magic pill that will save us from going to the gym and a tedious diet. Laziness also refers to advertising engines, it is based on many pharmacological and technological innovations that allow you to lose weight without getting up off the couch (dubious methods, of course). Fashion shows add fuel to the fire, where in most cases thin models with an almost youthful body structure without secondary sexual characteristics are demonstrated. Against this background, even fragile girls find treacherous folds on their stomach and begin to lose weight intensely! What can we say about size 46? They begin to drive him into the shadows, hanging the label "thick". But is it?

Figures and nothing more!

To find the truth, I propose to turn to the sources and restore the picture bit by bit. We start with size 46 options for women:

  • chest volume - 90–93 cm;
  • waist - 71–74.5 cm (according to some reports, up to 77 cm);
  • hips - 98–101 cm.

In men, the number 46 refers to the letter S, which means Small.

Parameters of a sexy figure. Most Russians fit perfectly in 46 and 48, completely without feeling any far-fetched flaws. If a woman is engaged in sports, aerobics or yoga, her muscles are tightened, and her skin shines with health, the question arises: why should she lose weight to size 42? Food should be balanced, without increased consumption of fast carbohydrates and without excesses in the deprivation of important foods.

How to determine if you really need to lose weight

To anyone who doubts, I recommend resorting to calculating the body mass index (BMI). The Internet is full of online calculators on how to quickly calculate it. I want to dwell on it, because I think that the situation should be judiciously evaluated: from the point of view of medicine, not marketing and anorexia fans. Calculation of the index is a proven way to find out healthy weight, that is, how much it corresponds to growth.

How it stands:

  • less than 18.5 is underweight;
  • 20-25.9 is the norm, but provided that the waist is not more than 80 cm, and this fits in size 46!
  • 26–27.9 - overweight;
  • 28–31 - obesity of the 1st degree;
  • 32–35.9 - obesity 2 degrees;
  • 36–40.9 - obesity 3 degrees;
  • and above 41 - obesity 4 degrees.

It is considered simple: we take the weight and divide by the height in meters squared. For example, a girl with 46 clothing sizes weighs 65 kg, her height is 1.7 m, it turns out: 65 / (1.7) 2 = 22.49. According to the table, BMI is a normal weight.

For a snack, I want to recall the actress beloved by millions who has become the standard of femininity and sexuality - Marilyn Monroe. She had incredible body parameters, close to 46 size, and who would raise a hand to call her thick? A woman should always have that charm that cannot be adjusted to a far-fetched standard.