Clothing that is not worth buying if you want to look fashionable

In the world of fashion, where current trends rule, there is the concept of “shelf life”. All fashionable things sooner or later cease to be such and leave the catwalk to return after a few seasons in an already changed form. Frankly unsuccessful experiments by designers go away forever. For a woman who wants to always look fashionable, the main thing is to imagine which trend will go out of fashion in the near future, and in time to refuse it or not to buy at all.

Trends that are out of fashion or will soon be out of fashion

In fashion, it is customary to talk not only about what's relevant, but also about the so-called antitrends. These are things that soared to the peak of popularity, but quickly became the most common wardrobe items and went out of fashion. There are a lot of such things, and the girl needs to check if one of them was lying around in her wardrobe.


Today in a fashionable wardrobe the spirit of freedom and convenience reigns. Therefore, all raincoats, coats and jackets should be loose. The jackets, which fit the girls like a second skin, have sunk into oblivion. A similar situation is in the men's wardrobe. Coats are invited to choose a loose, possibly slightly fitted.

Popular in our country down jackets can and should even be worn in winter, but you should forget about models equipped with belts and belts. It is better to choose a high-quality semi-fitted jacket and show off in it, adding a stylish scarf.

Painted down jackets are a terrible absurdity, which once became popular. This wild jungle or spotted Khokhloma on a jacket or down coat looks very childish. By the way, in the children's fashion “Khokhloma” is also not welcome this season.

Important! Fur cross vests are also sent to the scrap. They have long snapped everyone’s teeth and look frankly unattractive. And some young ladies strive to put on a "fur coat" even in the summer, when it gets cold.

Another anti-trend was a ski suit with a winter hat decorated with a pompom. It should be remembered that this form of clothing is appropriate for active winter entertainment. If a woman goes for a long walk with children, where she will go downhill, ice skating, skiing or engage in other winter sports, this form of clothing is appropriate. But walking in a park in the city center in sportswear is “not comme il faut”.

What clothes is better to refuse?

As already mentioned, freedom of expression is in fashion, and in the first place, people are comfort and convenience. That is why many antitrends are associated with clothing that is too close to the body.

Thus, the list of obsolete things included:

  • all tight-fitting T-shirts, t-shirts, sweaters, shirts, trousers and skirts (there should be an “air cushion” between the thing and the human body);
  • thin cardigans (the times have passed when you could throw a light cardigan, adding to your everyday look, now you need to look for a more refined replacement for this thing);
  • jeans torn on the knees (this has ceased to be impudent and turned into a child’s “fell and tore his pants on his knees”, it looks ridiculous and ugly, especially on girls with curvaceous forms; the anti-trend also applies to men's fashion);
  • low-waist jeans, artificial scuffs or applications (maximum naturalness is in fashion, consider this when choosing casual jeans);
  • denim skirt (a clear antitrend of the current season, especially if it is “decorated” with scuffs or holes);
  • things with a collar-collar (makes the figure heavier, in particular, in the presence of a large chest; flaunts all age-related changes on the face, makes the skin visually flabby and unattractive).

Enumeration of antitrends shows only what things are not in fashion today. This does not mean that jeans or skirts in the wardrobe have to be thrown away. They can be converted into current models or supplemented with new accessories to make the image look fresh and fashionable.

Antitrends among shoes

The so-called "stripper" shoes and boots have long been out of fashion. Here you need to make a reservation: shoes on a high platform can be relevant - see fashion collections of famous designers.

Wedge sneakers are wildness that was once invented to shock the audience, and the girls unexpectedly liked these shoes. This slurred symbiosis of athletic shoes with feminine has long gone out of fashion and is irrelevant in the current season. Yes, and it is unlikely to ever be relevant.

Flats without heels also got into an imaginary trash can. Today there are many other stylish shoes that look more modern and perfectly complement everyday sets. Prefer fashionable slip-ons, loafers or espadrilles, leaving ballet flats in the past.

Fashion is too fleeting, but this does not mean that the wardrobe needs to be updated every time it makes a new round. Many things can be worn regularly, regardless of style trends. Especially if you learn to competently combine them or remake them in accordance with modern style. And it’s better to buy universal models so that they can be adapted to any chosen image.