Clothing that helps your legs look longer

It is hardly possible to meet a girl who would not want to have long slender legs. Unfortunately, not every woman can boast such a luxury. Slender legs half the length of their entire height are already considered short, and most of them are.

Nevertheless, in a hurry to part with the dream of long legs is not worth it. And if we cannot make them several centimeters long longer without surgery, we can visually lengthen them . To do this, you just need to choose the right clothes and shoes.

IMPORTANT! Short legs are not a sentence. Each of us will be able to captivate and attract eyes.

Clothing that helps visually lengthen legs

The right outfit will help visually make your legs longer. So say experts and experienced fashionistas.

To achieve the desired result when choosing things, you need to pay attention to the following factors:

  • features of the cut;
  • colors;
  • print;
  • length;
  • model.


A good result can be achieved if the top and bottom of the clothes are selected in the same color scheme, without using bright contrasts. This makes it possible to avoid horizontal lines that visually shorten the figure as a whole.

Advice! For the same reason, the print should not have horizontal lines. Peas, a cell, a flower, too, will not add visible centimeters.


  • A few "visual centimeters" will add a miniskirt .
  • But products of medium length should be worn with caution, since they can both lengthen the legs and make them visually shorter.
  • If there are vertical lines in the midi, then everything is in order .
  • Massive patch pockets make the bottom of the figure heavier .
  • Do not buy a skirt with a transverse pattern and horizontal lines.
  • A long skirt is also appropriate, but only of a straight cut and with cuts on the sides.


  • Classic trousers will make your legs visually long and beautiful - narrow or narrowed down . It is good if the trousers are the maximum length and fall on the shoes. Decorative vertical stitches, stripes and vertical striped fabric are welcome.
  • Short shorts are very good.

Important! Breeches, cropped or flared trousers, a low waist, cargo with folds and patch pockets are undesirable.


If a girl prefers dresses to trouser sets, then she should choose for herself a straight-cut product with a high waist .

Decorative elements are contraindicated.

How to combine clothes to “lengthen” legs

The main thing in the correct combination of clothing elements is the lack of contrasts between the top and bottom . The ideal option is a monochrome outfit.

Advice! Tops and blouses with tight trousers or shorts, short skirts with shoes with heels of 5-7 cm, skirts with half boots will allow the legs to look longer and more attractive.

Which shoes to prefer

The right shoes will help to visually create the desired proportions. Although the main thing for her is quality, convenience and stability.

Visually lengthen the legs will help the following elements:

  • sharp toe - especially relevant for tall girls;
  • decoration according to the laws of the classics - rivets, rhinestones and laces in the decoration are undesirable;
  • wedges and hidden platform ;
  • heel ;
  • Ankle boots of medium length.

Be sure that the model matches the features of the structure of the legs. A thin hairpin will make the fullness of the legs more noticeable, and a high heel must be beautifully worn.

Important! The colors are better to choose bright, but so that the shoes do not constitute a contrast with the rest of the outfit.

Categorically unacceptable

Models to discard:

  • skirt over the knee boots;
  • ankle boots with a short skirt;
  • summer shoes, sandals, sandals, in the design of which there are straps or ribbons that fit the ankle;
  • bright moccasins, ballet shoes and other shoes at low speed.

Long legs are not naturally given to every woman. But if you use the above methods and experiment, then this problem can be solved in most cases.