On clothes meet: that speaks about you your clothes

How I love Russian folk sayings! They are only one sentence able to get to the very core of an important thought. Here is an old saying that they are met by clothes, hit the top ten. Have you ever noticed that clothes can tell a lot about a person, his character, hobbies, social circle, etc.? Yes, it is clothing that contributes to the compilation of the first impression of a person, and, as you know, it is rarely erroneous .

Created Image - Reflection of Character

People have different attitudes to their clothing and the image that they create with it.


The desire to become perfect in everything, even in clothes, betrays serious, strong and disciplined people .

When I see a person in front of me, on whom the suit ideally sits, I understand that I am dealing with a rare individual. Usually such a person has an unshakable sense of self-confidence, such people easily lead the masses .

Plus or minus, it is up to each person to decide on their own, is their main feature - bringing absolutely every action to perfection .

Important! The outward apparent arrogance of such people sometimes hides a feeling of self-doubt. Such people can experience their own, albeit small, failures, as a catastrophe of their whole lives.


Monotonous colors and styles are preferred by people with a sober look who do not expect any miracles from their lives . For such people, everything is planned for years to come and is under their strict control. Various changes in this type of personality are taken very hard.

Important! The life of such people can be described in three words: calm, peace and solidity.

Fashion worship

But the mods, whose wardrobes are updated with enviable regularity, according to the latest trends, are incredibly dependent on the opinions of others .

Very often, this type of personality loses its own personality . Indeed, succumbing to universal influence, quietly you can become part of the crowd.

Constant update

Sometimes it happens that a person constantly changes his styles and images. This indicates his creativity, desire for freedom and independence . Such individuals express their internal state through the appearance. These are enthusiastic natures, and the objects of their hobbies are always different .

Exaggerated sexuality

Ladies in whose closets such clothes prevail are extremely unsure of themselves . Thus, they try to get the attention of men. They also assert themselves and increase their own self-esteem .


This biological term very well describes the indicated type of personality. An unconscious desire to merge with the crowd dictates their preferences in clothing.

Help Discreet shades and baggy clothing styles are worn by individuals who are characterized by low self-esteem, self-doubt and self-reliance.

What you can learn about a person by the chosen clothing style

Clothing style can also tell a lot about a person. Elegance distinguishes in a person its strict features, and elaborate loudness speaks of a “bird of free flight”.

  • Classics in clothes are most preferred by skeptics and not petty people. They are distinguished by reliability, thoroughness and the right attitude to life . They also prefer to communicate, keeping a distance, not letting the rest into their personal space.
  • The solemn style is expressed mainly in three colors: white, black and red. Psychologists noticed that a person who prefers such a style very carefully draws close to people around him, possessing an extremely strong sense of tact . At the same time, a huge number of excessive claims prevents him from having a wide circle of contacts.
  • Conservative-business style in clothes is preferred by people who are distinguished by considerable mental and intellectual abilities . They think for a long time, while they speak little, having an introverted character. In fact, such people are always alone, even when they are not alone.
  • Active and energetic people prefer sports style . It is very important for them that the clothes are comfortable and not hinder movements. The spirit of sports competition is present not only in clothes, but also in the lives of such people.

Interesting! Denim clothes are preferred by conflicting natures, and knitted clothes are sentimental and vulnerable.

How color of clothes characterizes a person

Important information can be obtained if you pay attention to the prevailing color of clothing.

The black

A color that is taken seriously. Prestige, ambitiousness and determination - these are the qualities that black carries in itself.


The color of the earth, reliability, stability. This color is mostly preferred by rational individuals, conservatives, people with respect for the older generation .


People in blue suits give the impression of calm and confidence . These are kind and even a little shy people. Calm and balanced, they become ideal parents and excellent employees.


This color promotes good mood, keeping fit and having a cheerful disposition. Harmonizing with nature, this shade evokes a sense of peace and contentment .

Important! People who are impressed by the green color often lead an active social life, have a stable financial situation. They are also soft and caring.


This color is chosen by emotional and sensitive natures. They are often prone to mysticism . Such a person is often unpredictable .


The strength and passion captured in this color help make a proper impression. People who choose this shade are distinguished by light excitability and self-centeredness.


This is the color of happiness, the sun, laughter, it is chosen by cheerful nature. Scientists have proven that the constant presence of yellow has an effect on the production of serotonin, the acceleration of metabolic processes and an increase in the mood of everyone around.


Freedom, purity and innocence - this is the color chosen by people who decide to start their life from a new page . This is a neutral color, the basis of the basics, it will suit every person, regardless of his character and preferences.

As you can see, the clothes of each of us characterize their owners faster than people can do.