Cloak: old-fashioned or relevant?

If you think that the raincoat fashion is long gone, then you are mistaken. The development of the latest technology, of course, has led to the emergence of new things. However, the cloak, as before, remains relevant. Judge for yourself!

Raincoats are fashionable!

Modern models are sewn from lightweight water-repellent fabrics that hold their shape well. At the moment, they are a lightweight version of the coat.


We are in a hurry to please fashionistas - they have at least four options to choose from.

  • English is an ageless classic, made in the best traditions, fits perfectly into the business style.
  • Trench - a universal double-breasted raincoat with a turn-down collar and a belt with a buckle.
  • Raincoat - a model of water-repellent fabric for wet weather.
  • Cape is a dimensionless thing, with slots for the hands and head.

Fashion Models Fall 2019

Introducing models that will make you look fashionable this fall.

Easy stylish trench coat

Ideal for a warm autumn. Classic models are made in the current beige range. They are distinguished by a double-breasted cut, in front of 10 buttons, in addition, there are buttons on the pockets.

Reference. The belt and sleeves of the trench are decorated with buckles; almost all models have epaulets.

The admirers of the “military” style are crazy about styles with pockets and lapels. Fashionable raincoats can be combined with actual military-style clothing - spacious khaki pants, olive midi skirt.


It does not go out of fashion, perhaps, since the Middle Ages. In it you will be comfortable even in the dank autumn days. After all, waterproof fabric reliably protects from bad weather.

Insulated cloak

Suitable for late autumn. Choose fitted and flared styles up to the knee or ankle length. They look great on any figure.

Reference. Knitted goods, Bologna and leather are constantly popular. As a heater, a bike, synthetic winterizer, artificial and natural fur are used.

Quilted patterns

Such products in 2019 were presented by most famous designers. These elegant models are preferred by stylish fashionistas, leading an active lifestyle in the metropolis.


This option will appeal to those who prefer practical and high-quality things. By the way, this item of clothing appeared in the women's wardrobe, having migrated from the men's.

Important! Flared styles give femininity to any figure. This fall, couturiers added some retro details to them. A bright belt that emphasizes the waistline has become one of the new trends of the season.

How to look stylish in a raincoat

In order not to miss the style, it is first necessary to determine the type of figure.

  • Miniature and slender girls fit shortened print options.
  • Ladies with curvaceous forms should look at the monophonic oversize models.
  • The figure " rectangle " or " hourglass " is uniquely decorated with straight and fitted styles .

Tip. Trapeze models can be worn easily by women with any type of figure.

Classic options for an elegant look

A classic wardrobe will be successfully complemented by trench coats of beige shades . They are easy to combine with business suits, skirts and dresses in gray and black. In everyday outfits, leggings, breeches, leggings, straight or skinny jeans can appear.

Tip. To create a universal image, a trench coat can be thrown on top of your favorite blouse or thin cardigan, combined with pants of a traditional cut and length.

Business bows are complemented by concise design shoes. Here shoes, elegant ankle boots or low shoes will be appropriate.

Creating an image of a seductive fatal beauty, do not forget about high leather boots with heels.

Important! If the cloak does not even reach the middle of the thigh, a flared skirt will not fit him. But the pencil model will come in handy.

Short trench coats go well with knitted and denim dresses, leather trousers (provided that the trench is not made of leather) or jeans.

Contrary to stereotypes, it is still possible to wear a magnificent dress or skirt under a cloak . But in the event that it has a length slightly below the waist, and the dress is decorated with a belt. There is no way to do without an emphasis on the waist in this image. It is better to choose a plain trench coat with a turn-down collar for him.

Fashionable ways to wear a coat in 2019

Choosing the current model is half the battle. Want to look interesting and attractive? So, wearing a raincoat should be fashionable! Leave the traditional way to a grandmother who is not afraid to look old-fashioned. And for yourself, choose one of the following options.

  • Fasten the clothes completely - yesterday, our option - do not fasten, but tie a belt.

  • Not just relevant, but super-fashionable - use a long belt to tie, not a “native” belt, to tie .

  • Since negligence is in fashion, we give the impression that the cloak is worn hastily, not completely. To do this, lower the clothes from one shoulder.

  • Another fashion trend is layering. To create a multi-layered image, combine outerwear with models that have a hood: a hoodie, hoodie, sweatshirt. In this case, do not hide the hood, but, on the contrary, make sure that it is located on top of the cloak.

Try any of these options, and you will see: the cloak is relevant and fashionable !