Christmas dress for girls crochet

Still going to buy a dress for your princess in the store. Just look at the new and stylish models that the hook is ready to complete with small additions. Immediately it makes no sense to go and look for something like this in the store. There definitely can’t be found there. Unless to go to the store for tulle and yarn.

Very beautiful dresses that will make the girl the cutest at any holiday and in the New Year a new star will light up at the matinee.

Yarn and hook

Yarn for dresses for the New Year is definitely iris, delicate and very beautiful. He will do a beautiful thing and in it the child will not be stuffy and hot. Not only does it look so neat in any pattern, it is also very comfortable.

The hook for iris fits 0.85. It is more convenient to buy models with a tapered center for the fingers.


A crocheted dress made of iris will require knitting a small sample. Different patterns use yarn in different ways, and therefore a different density of knitting is obtained.

Crochet buttonhole set

Accordingly, the difference in the loops makes the size completely different . Tied and counted - this is better than bandaging so painstaking work.

Crochet 1st Chain Set

How to crochet a Christmas dress for a girl?

Making something unusual with a hook is very simple. After all, he is a master of subtle and very sophisticated patterns.

A different border that only a hook can make is increasingly being used for different knitted things and not only. Even many blouses with knitting needles are skillfully tied with a crochet hook.

Dress with raglan bodice and tulle hem

You can’t believe your eyes, but such a magnificent and classy dress can and should be knitted in one evening. Raglan crochet when using columns with a single crochet looks very beautiful . Columns are very difficult to recognize in circular knitting. After all, it turns out only his front side and they are so beautiful without a reverse.

The work will require:

  • purple iris yarn 5 pieces of 25 g;
  • hook number 0.85.


The most important thing is to take the right measurements so that the raglan fits the child. Therefore, it will not measure the neck, but the head. The dress is worn only over the head. It is necessary to measure the circumference of the head and scored as many air loops as the head requires. The diagram shows only 98 columns - this is very small for a 4-year-old child, for whom the model is designed. Therefore, you should dial 140 loops. Further, for sleeves of 20 and 50 per shelf. Between the four elements there are 2 air loops - they form a corner in raglan.


Knit to the required length of the bodice. For 4 years it is necessary to knit from 20 rows in a circle. Make additions in each row. But if the waist of the child is very narrow, then after obtaining the necessary width of the bodice, you can simply stop adding from his side and add columns only for the sleeves.


The harness consists of a simple shell, which is often used to tie the product. It is necessary to tie the sleeves, collar and bottom of the bodice. Bottom is obligatory to get holes. It is in them that ribbons of tulle will be tied further.


Fatina will need 1-2 meters. Depending on the desired thickness of the product. The preparation of tulle is to cut strips 15 cm wide and two desired lengths of the skirt from the bodice line. Then distribute stripes on the bodice and just tie knots.

It is better to use loop knitting. First, loop through the loop obtained by adding the ends of the strip and then thread both ends into the loop and tighten. The ends should not look outward so that the product does not look like a pack of ballerinas sticking out in all directions.

Here's a cute dress made from simple and familiar fabrics and threads. A fabulous outfit can be diluted with beautiful beads.

Crochet dress with a round neck

Appetizing model again contains tulle. Probably not a single wedding can do without him, and therefore girls love him so much, you can definitely feel like a real fashionista in him.

The work will require:

  • white iris yarn;
  • tulle with snowflakes;
  • hook number 0.85.


Measure again the head circumference and circle around as many loops as the pattern requires without crochet. Be sure to make a test sample before knitting and evaluate how suitable the number of loops is for the neck and whether the head goes into such a neckline.


We scored the required number of loops and continue knitting in a circle with crochets. It will take 20 rows for a 1 year old girl. It is better to sew on all the beads after the model is completed so that they do not interfere with the product.


Continue after 20 rows with only the front and back of the bodice. Leave a quarter of the circle for the sleeves. Knit in a circle, but no longer make the additions that were appealed in the first scheme. Knit about 10 rows and stop knitting.


Fatin with snowflakes can be tied up with beautiful stripes. But it is more successful to assemble an assembly from a rectangle along one edge and sew with an elastic thread. So she will stretch well. Leave a small piece on a beautiful veil, because this is the outfit of a true lady.


Bead the neck, bottom of the bodice and sleeves. It is better to use mother of pearl beads.

So the formal dress is ready. The girl will like this model and she simply will not want to return home as soon as possible from the matinee.

No need to be afraid of a complex product. Any newbie will cope with tulle. Since this fabric looks good in uneven assembly and even with multilevel edges.

The fabric is so beautiful that even an uneven edge does not bother. Master the hook and urgently for work. The New Year is already near, and the girl is waiting for a miracle, a wonderful dress for a celebration will be an excellent gift. Skill and patterns come in handy for women.