The choice of slinky pants if there is cellulite

Many women face a problem like cellulite . Its appearance can spoil the mood, add complexes, and make you literally "puzzle", choosing a beautiful outfit that will not betray this secret . To wear your favorite things and not to worry that cellulite will be visible, it is worthwhile to study in more detail the little tricks and secrets of choosing clothes.

Even thin people can have cellulite!

Cellulite - structural changes in the subcutaneous layer.

It is important to note that the absence of excess weight is not always a guarantee of the absence of cellulite. Even thin girls face a similar problem. After all, the formation of an “orange peel, ” as this phenomenon is also called, provokes many factors.

Cellulite Tips

There are several sure ways to avoid the formation of an “orange peel” or to eliminate it if it has already appeared:

1. Healthy food . It must be balanced. It is important that debilitating diets have nothing to do with this. You can eat tasty and healthy at the same time. The amount of carbohydrates can be controlled, and not excluded at all.

2. Sports . Exercise is good for your health and skin. She will become more toned, elastic. There are many options to do. If you don’t like the standard workouts in the gym, go to the pool, dance, and yoga. Find something to your liking.

3. The use of special creams. The solution to the problem should be comprehensive. Therefore, special cosmetics will be an additional opportunity to prevent or reduce cellulite.

4. Massage . Not relaxing, but anti-cellulite. It is rather painful, but effective.

These steps will help in the fight against cellulite.

Who wants to keep wearing their favorite pants?

If you want to continue to wear your favorite clothes, but the fear that others will see the “orange peel” comes to the fore, it is worth learning about some tricks of choosing and wearing things with such a problem. This issue is especially relevant for lovers of light pants.

Small cellulite masking tricks

We advise you to rely on the following secrets :

1. When choosing your pants, look at the level of transparency . The more visible the skin through the material, the more noticeable will be the problem. Therefore, discard too thin, light tissues.

Too transparent pants.

2. Less high heels and tight trousers . The former worsen blood circulation, exacerbating the situation. The second emphasize the presence of a crust.

3. Long trousers better hide this flaw. Short will not cope with this task.

4. It was noted that the denser the fabric of the pants, the better. But if you have already purchased a thing from a thin light fabric, choose the right underwear, no “tanga”. The color is better white or flesh .

5. Combine things correctly. Top choose a long, covering the hips, attracting attention to the upper half of the body. Elongated bluesons and tunics perfectly decorate the figure and hide some of the flaws.

Shirts or blouses can be with a shallow neckline, asymmetrical sleeves, monochrome suits with elongated tunics look great.

These tricks will allow you to hide an unpleasant feature of the figure and feel more confident . It is also recommended to try to solve the problem by comprehensively and regularly acting on it. Then it will be possible to wear any things and images.