Children's underwear size chart

A child can’t do without panties. This is a very important part of the wardrobe, regardless of gender. In the world of fashion, there are a huge number of manufacturer brands offering a wide variety of models. Materials are also used diverse. But they should always have common mandatory differences: be hypoallergenic, sewn from natural breathing fabrics and not have elements rubbing delicate skin.

How to determine the size of children's underwear

Taking measurements is the guarantee that your purchase will not crash into or fall off the baby’s delicate skin. However, differences in the tables with indicators of different countries and suppliers are a big problem. They are too different. Let's try to understand these complex schemes.

What are the sizes of children's underwear

European manufacturing companies use lettering. This is a tricky system in which the English letter is a symbol indicating the weight of the baby:

  1. S - weight should be 4-7 kg
  2. M - 7-14
  3. L - from 14 to 18 kg

There is a designation for growth:

  • 62 cm - for the smallest, 40
  • from 68 - 44
  • height 74 cm - 48 p.
  • 86 cm (from two years. On the patch or tag you can see the designation: "2 g", "2y", etc. - this is 52 pp
  • from 98 (about three years) - 56
  • 110 cm fit 60 p.
  • 122 centimeters corresponds to the 64th
  • height 134 - 68
  • approx. 140 cm - 72nd

Size of panties for children by age: table

There is a more detailed version used by Russian sewing industries. Such a grid more accurately indicates which product is suitable for a child by age:

Number of months (years)HeightThe size
12-18 months80-8652
18-24 months (1.5-2 g.)86-9252
For preschoolers (g.)
3-4 years98-10458
For junior high school students
High school students

How not to make a mistake with the size

Many firms simply write the number of years or months for which the product is designed. Not taking into account that all children are different in weight and physique. Moms have to make a choice by eye or compare with the "samples" brought from home.

Attention! Underpants for babies 2-3 years old sometimes cut into the skin as early as two years old. Usually these are masterpieces of workshops operating without licenses and not passing any quality checks. They are characterized by low cost, coupled with the complete absence of even a tiny hint of product quality.

Fortunately, domestic (Russian, Belarusian, Kyrgyz, Kazakh, Moldavian, etc.) representatives of the clothing industry do not allow such an unprofessional attitude to their work. They understand: the volume of the butt is a very individual indicator. It is impossible to generalize. And there is no single standard.

Before you go shopping, you should prepare. Use a centimeter and write down the received data in a notebook, which you take with you.

Required Parameters:

  • child age
  • thigh circumference
  • height in cm

Attention! Do not forget about diapers. Nowadays, almost all mothers use them. Therefore, be sure to consider their volume.

Measurements need to be done periodically, because children grow very quickly.

Reference! After seven years, that is, starting from the 32nd district, in the Russian Federation tables contain the division of products into two types, taking into account gender.

The size scale of different companies is different. European developers focus on growth, and the rest of the indicators are not identical. Or they are written in addition.

Tips for purchasing, returning, exchanging and ordering in online stores:

  • Never buy panties without seeing them with your own eyes. If you like online catalogs, then carefully look at all the indicators and standards. After all, as you know, underwear is not subject to return.
  • In order not to spoil your mood with an unsuccessful purchase and wasted money, use the services of operator consultants of the company. They will always answer any of your questions via e-mail, toll-free numbers or thanks to the feedback window with the ability to request a call back.
  • In stores, you can rely on a natural eye. But it is better to carry a note with measurements. Measurements taken in advance will save you from wasting time and nerves.
  • In case you have to doubt the correct choice, agree in advance with the sellers on the return. Naturally, subject to the availability of a check and undamaged commodity packaging. When it comes to clothes for babies, you can still sometimes meet you.
  • It does not hurt to bring a clean diaper and a sample of linen with you to avoid mistakes. It will be enough just to attach the proposed new thing to an existing thing, and doubts will disappear.

Good luck shopping!