Children's hat with ears knitting

Comfortable caps with ears may not be as boring as many parents imagine. These are charming and beautiful products with lush patterns. Many people want knitwear with cat ears or beautiful braids.

These children's hats will save the child from constantly pulling the hat. Nothing will distract him from the slide and playing snowballs. About how to make this wonderful model later in the article. For each hat there is a scheme and description so that nothing turns women away from the idea of ​​creating a beautiful headdress for a child with knitting needles.

Yarn and knitting needles

For a hat with ears, the yarn will be the same as for a regular children's hat. The fiber must be hypoallergenic. The threads themselves are soft and warm. And the color - depending on the model.

Even out of boring gray, you can make such mouth-watering and warm models that the entire yard will envy the child.

Knitting needles must be selected according to the size of the thread itself . It is important to understand that knitting in two threads will already require a new size of knitting needles. You can make a double hat. It is very necessary to approach the model itself.


For such a model, you will need to measure the depth and circumference of the head. It is easy to measure the circumference - enter the measuring line on the forehead and lead to the occipital tubercles. But from this indicator you need to subtract a few cm so that the product sits as densely as possible and without gaps. The second size is the depth and measure it from the lobe of the first ear to the second, tape through the crown.

Then divide this indicator by 2 and add the corresponding number of loops according to the model. Additions are required so that the ears are tightly hidden under a hat. The measurements are not finished at this point; you can measure how many cm are necessary for the ears, the width of the eyelet and the possible length of the thread from the eyelet to tie.


Always and for each product it is necessary to knit a special piece. This piece should be slightly larger than 10 cm in width and length. It is very important to knit it in the same way as the main product. This will ensure the accuracy of the calculation of loops for work.

Set of first stitches for 2 knitting needles

Density is how many elements (loops and rows) are 10 cm. Accordingly, measure horizontally and vertically.

Hat with ears and pigtails

A beautiful and very warm model with a wide elastic band will definitely please the child . The product is very comfortable and short ears do not interfere with the game.

To work, you will need:

  • lilac yarn 200 g;
  • knitting needles number 2.


Pre-calculate the number of loops for your size. This product is designed for a size of 52 cm. Dial 80 loops and knit 10 cm with an elastic band 1 * 1.


From the penultimate row of gum, pick up 10 loops and tie down the eye. Use the front surface. But reduce in each row one loop. When 2 stitches remain, knit them until the required length of the string is knitted. Usually, a free tail of two loops of about 15 cm is enough for tying. Just close the loops and hide the thread. Do the same with the second ear.

Important! The ears are not located strictly on the sides. They lean more on the back.

Gum continued

The elastic band of the cap is not finished yet and continue with this same 1 * 1 pattern for another 8 cm.

The basis

For the basics, go to the proposed pattern with pigtails. Between the braids, it is better to use a garter stitch; with such a pattern, the hat will be thicker, since the braids are very dense. Knit 10 cm and begin to decrease. Reduction to do in the cloths of garter stitch. Reduce every 4 rows, one loop in each canvas. Tie to the required depth, in this case, until you get 5 rapports of pigtails. Then tighten all the loops and make a good knot.

Important! If possible, try to ensure that the top of the head has even outlines.


These cute pigtails will be decorated with a fur pompom. It is not necessary to look for pink. Looks good and black and gray. It’s very good to decorate the cap of the cap with a small tag.

Here you have a charming product with knitting needles with ears. This model is ready to take first place, even among factory species.

Hat with knitting needles

A popular model of caps with pigtails. Very fluffy pompons make the product 100 times nicer. All luxury is hidden in the simplicity of the pattern and thick thread. The color should not be distracting and therefore a gray-green hue has been taken.

To work, you will need:

  • yarn gray-green 250 g;
  • knitting needles number 2.


We measured how many loops will be needed for the model of his hat. This explanation is suitable for size 50.


Pigtail ears are made of three stripes that are knitted with needles and then simply braided into a regular pigtail. The strip consists of 4 loops. Tie 40 cm each strip. Do not close the hinges, but for now, simply leave them on the knitting needles or transfer them to a pin. Weave a braid of 3 stripes. Immediately perform the second such pigtail for the second eye.


Dial 20 loops for the front, separately dial 16 loops for the back side. Combine the loops with the ears and the front and rear set. Knit together in a circle with an elastic band 2 * 2. All together knit 7 rows.

The basis

Knit after the elastic according to the pattern of the model. Knit 2 rapports and start decreasing. Reduce the stripes of the wrong fabric between the pigtails. Reduce one loop through 4 rows. After knitting the necessary depth, knit another 2 cm, and tighten all the loops into one good strong knot.


You need to decorate the hat with three fluffy pompons. Sew two to the pigtail ears . And the largest and fluffy attach to the crown.

Everything is ready, a very good and warm model will well complement a children's jacket or down jacket. A true master will not leave this hat lonely and will necessarily tie snood in a similar pattern.

These interesting hats can be knitted for a child with the help of knitting needles and huge talent.