Children's habits. Adults dressed as children

Not only children can dress like adults. It happens and vice versa. In this case, a woman who has long been out of adolescence, suddenly refuses to meet the expectations of others and rely on elegance. She begins to make ensembles in which her 15-17-year-old neighbor may well flaunt. How to relate to this and is it worth it to adopt a habit? Read about it later.

Why do these adults choose baby clothes?

There are a number of reasons for this. Some of them are rooted in the past (childhood was “stolen”), others reflect the current state of the woman (she feels unprotected, helpless and wants to earn attention and love with all her strength). There are other completely harmless reasons for wanting to put on a panda-panda or anime heroine costume. In other words, there is no universal answer to the question raised. It is necessary to understand in each case.

Important! For some, children's clothing is not a whim or a sign of mental disability, but a source of income.

Is it mental or ..?

When a phenomenon acquires large-scale dimensions, we can talk about a trend. Today we are witnessing a tendency to soften the age framework, to erase it . The things now widely used by women of old age were definitely absent from the wardrobes of their mothers and grandmothers 30-50 years ago. It's connected with

  • increase in life expectancy;
  • advances in medicine, cosmetology, plastic surgery;
  • change in social structure.

At the time of Pushkin, a 30-year-old woman who did not marry lived with her immediate family and was respectfully called an aunt. She was considered a woman irretrievably lost her youth, capable of only needlework. In the Soviet years, a lady who reached 50 years old, became primarily a grandmother. She surrounded herself with her grandchildren, who absolutely did not care what their beloved grandmother looked like. The main thing is that she bake delicious cakes and fry cutlets.

Today, the situation has changed dramatically. Modern women cannot afford to look like grandmothers at age 55 . They are socially active, work and spend a lot of time outside the home. At the same time, not so long ago, discussions began on the extension of adolescence due to the late formation of modern youth, as well as the high level of infantility among those born in the 90s and zero, an increase in the average age of marriage and the birth of the firstborn.

Putting both processes together - the shift in the moment of coming of old age and the end of the teenage period - we understand that there is nothing surprising in the use of children's clothing by adults. This is just a consequence of socio-biological changes.

Do not doubt the mental state of your parents even if they appeared before you in a cosplay costume. The world is full of older people who are seriously addicted to role-changing clothes. This is their hobby, not pathology . The world has changed, and the entertainment of the elderly has changed. Today, some of them do not plant flowers on window sills, but with pleasure are transformed into heroes of comics, manga and anime.

Moreover , each hobby has an extreme, pathological form . So, for example, it is impossible to consider a human habit to systematically pretend to be a baby. In other words, if a person never or almost never leaves the image of a child, then you should seek help from a specialist. It is possible that we are talking about a serious injury received in adolescence . From here comes the denial of one's self and the desire to defend oneself from reality by artificially transferring oneself to a safe environment of childhood.

Completely childish images

Some decisions are striking by the discrepancy between the real age of the woman and the clothes that she chose. The effect can be interesting or stunning. Everything, again, depends on the context and the details of the situation. You can distinguish between them - learn to “wear” things for children “safely”.


In Russia, there are several women who are called "Russian Barbie." They are not 15 and not 20 years old. These are adult ladies who managed to get married several times and become mothers. And their children are of school age.

Important! The most "adult" girlfriend of Ken from the UK will soon turn 49 years old.

They not only look like Barbie, but also surround themselves with relevant things. For example, pink cars, which are exact copies of a popular doll’s car. Their actions may seem strange to some, but in fact, these women have learned to earn their own life . They are paid to attend events, they are constantly invited to photo shoots, their accounts and blogs have been successfully monetized.

Important! The image chosen by the female dolls brings a lot more money than they could earn if they did not copy Ken’s eternal girlfriend. Therefore, there can be no talk of any mental disorder.

Another thing is a partial transformation in Barbie. If a woman of not the first youth with usual forms and standard appearance puts on a similar suit, then at best it will look strange. This is explained by the fact that to use Ken’s girlfriend style it’s not enough to have a desire and knowledge of the principles of direction, you need to have certain data .

Important! If you want to wear Barbie clothes, you need to have a puppet appearance.


Paradoxically, with the return of fashion to the 90s, a lot of Carlsons and Peppy Long Stockings appeared on the street. The first are t-shirts, sneakers and denim overalls (or jeans with torn decor). The second walk in short skirts with a frivolous cut, stockings and rough boots. Some of them are 15 years old, while others are really in the prime of life, that is, according to psychologists, they must survive a midlife crisis.


Once upon a time, children's, teenage and adult clothes could be correlated with school, student and professorial (teaching) styles. The last three directions are akin to each other, but at the same time reflect age gradation . According to her, a teacher cannot look like a student .

But today, due to socio-biological trends, age limits are erased. Some ladies are quite capable of dressing up in the form of a Soviet schoolgirl and becoming like their daughters. The keyword in the previous sentence is "some." Many, we will say bluntly, cannot hide the manifestations of age. Due to the imprint of years lived, they in school clothes look frankly bad.


If you want to look like this, put on fabric shorts on the palm above the knee and a spacious tunic on thin straps. Even better, if the top and bottom are merged - then you will definitely fall into the "top ten" and copy the children's outfit, which is called the "sandbox". Well, the top of the celebration will be the image of the cartoon on his chest.

What adults are forced to dress in children's stores?

Small stature and light weight can become a reason for contacting children's stores. For example, one cannot do without such a step in the case of small legs . The bulk of adult products are standardized and not designed for girls with 34 foot sizes.

There are also diseases in which a person looks like a child and is forced to wear clothes for children. One of them is progeria .