Chiffon dresses 2018 new photo

Alternating fashion trends sometimes lead to the fact that on the shelves of the cabinets there are many trousers, skirts and dresses that have not yet lost their external qualities, but have long gone out of fashion. Not getting into this situation will help filling the wardrobe with basic things that remain popular at all times. One of the universal items of women's wardrobe is a dress made of chiffon, which will be relevant during the summer heat and during autumn warming. You should study the news, recommendations for creating stylish outfits and photos with examples.

What chiffon dresses are fashionable in 2018

Chiffon is considered the undoubted favorite of the summer of 2018, despite the fact that it is a capricious and demanding fabric, which is quite difficult to work with. It is often used by famous designers to create collections, who know that chiffon has a number of significant advantages, which include:

  • lightness that does not constrain movements;
  • strength;
  • hypoallergenicity;
  • beautiful appearance;
  • ease of coloring and preservation of the original appearance after many washes and long exposure to the sun;
  • drape;
  • hygroscopicity, which is especially appreciated in the heat;
  • antibacteriality;
  • protection of the skin from ultraviolet rays;
  • softness and tenderness.

Before the beginning of each of the seasons, the best model houses are preparing collections of clothes that become real hits and things “masthead”. The same thing happened with chiffon dresses. If last year satin and silk were in favor, this summer every self-respecting fashionista should definitely get a couple of dresses from weightless and translucent chiffon. The wardrobe should contain several simple models for every day and a breathtaking “mini” for publication and special occasions.

Important! There should be more products of simple cut for everyday wear than multi-colored dresses decorated with a large number of stones and sequins. For an ordinary summer sundress, it is easier to choose different accessories and additions giving new images.

In the summer of 2018, embroidery of ribbons and beads is popular. In a company with a weightless monophonic chiffon, she looks truly luxurious and extravagant. Often jewelry of such a plan can be found on evening dresses and weightless dresses on the floor.

Since one of the advantages of chiffon over other fabrics is the ability to drape, the designers could not take advantage of this. In almost every sundress and dress, there are light waves on the skirt and sleeves gathered at the shoulder or cuff. Such techniques make the already aerial matter even more subtle and weightless.

Modern and fashionable models of dresses from chiffon in 2018

The main emphasis when sewing chiffon dresses for the period spring - summer 2018 is made on versatility. Any woman can choose the right outfit, regardless of age and characteristics of the figure. Pay attention to:

  1. Long models. The floor-flowing classic looks very feminine and catchy and does not have to be heavy velvet or draped silk. A light flared chiffon skirt will make any girl look like a princess. Separately, it is worth noting that in such a dress it will not be hot even on the hottest day, on the contrary, the material perfectly protects and cools the skin in contact with it. You can wear long chiffon dresses with high-heeled shoes to create a festive look, and with flat sandals for unhurried walks in the park or the marina;
  2. Short models. Flirty dresses flaunting the beauty of female legs can not leave indifferent any man. And if they are sewn from weightless chiffon with a mischievous coloring, the girl who has put on such an outfit is guaranteed a resort romance. Short evening dresses with a train are perfect for graduates of schools and higher educational institutions, since they look best on girls. The trendy thing of the summer was short dresses with a corset made of leather or denim, where the bottom is made in the form of a tutu-skirt of solid chiffon;
  3. Floral print. In the summer of 2018, any thing that has a floral print on it will automatically become a fashion trend. Chiffon, due to its lightness, is most often decorated with various fantasy flowers; therefore, dresses and sundresses studded with red poppies and romantic daisies are found in almost every collection of summer clothes;
  4. Monotony. Since in the summer many women continue to go to work, they just need to purchase plain black-and-white dress-shirts that fit perfectly into the dress code of any office. Coquetry and femininity of the outfit allow its owner, after a hard day's work, not thinking about the appearance to go on dates and meetings with friends.

Creating a fashionable look with a chiffon dress

To create a fashionable, beautiful and sophisticated look with a chiffon dress will allow the right choice of accessories.

Important! The world has long departed from the conditions under which only stilettos are worn under dresses. Today, a combination of a weightless train and heavy army boots is considered successful and appropriate anywhere.

So, in the spring, a light dress can be worn with a leather jacket and high rubber boots. The result is an interesting and at the same time feminine image, moreover, if it rains, your legs will remain dry.

Sleeveless models and a deep neckline, romantic schoolgirls wear over gray turtlenecks and sports tops. At first glance, the combination can be considered a real fashion failure, but in fact, half the foreign youth walk like that.

Another fashionable combination of summer 2018 are a chiffon dress worn over wide trousers. This image is suitable for strong and business women who are accustomed to receive everything from life. Naturally, they put on stilettos under such a bow.

The onset of autumn-winter cold is no reason to hide a light sundress deep into the closet. A woolen sweater and warm ugg boots worn over it will make any girl the most fashionable and stylish, wherever she appears.