Chiffon Dress Styles

Chiffon is a light and airy material that is used to sew elegant skirts, blouses. Its most common use is dresses. Such products look beautiful, easy and feminine. Next, we will figure out which styles exist from such a fabric.

A few words about chiffon

Very light, translucent material. To create it, the threads are very tightly twisted, and the result is a plain weave. Due to the strong twisting of the threads, to the touch, the chiffon seems to be slightly roughened, embossed. Initially, the fabric was very expensive, since exclusively natural silk was used for its production. Later, other raw materials were also used, while reducing the cost of the final product. Silk and cotton are used from natural materials, rayon from artificial ones and polyester from synthetic ones. In the manufacture of threads of various origins can be combined. Material using synthetic fibers is considered the most durable.

Advantages of the material:

  1. The color falls on the fiber smoothly and permanently. Chiffon is excellently stained.
  2. Easily forms and holds folds, drapery.
  3. Tactilely soft, pleasant, comfortable, provides air passage.
  4. Hypoallergenic, environmentally friendly material.
  5. Visually light, airy, delicate, translucent.

Disadvantages :

  1. The difficulty of leaving.
  2. Insecurity, moodiness in use.
  3. Easy to wear.
  4. When using silk threads, there is a high risk that the product will fade.


Initially, chiffon was considered a very expensive and elite material. It was used when sewing dresses for a wedding ceremony, magnificent celebrations. Now it is more democratic: it is used when sewing a huge number of dresses for all occasions.


A dress with a long history, but still at the peak of popularity. It is characterized by a free cut, a high waistline, many pleats and modest decor. Most often has a strap on only one shoulder. Decorate only the waist line with a narrow belt, as well as straps of the bodice.

Tunic dress

A must for those who are going on vacation to the sea: the product is ideal for a beach, warm climate. Goes well with tight jeans, mellow shorts, leggings. If the length is acceptable, and the figure allows you to wear ultra-short dresses, then you can do without the bottom. It is completed with sandals or sandals on a heel or a platform.


A multi-layered chiffon skirt looks very solemn, luxurious. The material can be any color. There are also a lot of options for the bodice:

  • modest closed;
  • with long sleeve;
  • with bare shoulders;
  • bare back;
  • in the shape of a top;
  • asymmetric;
  • with thin straps;
  • neckline: V-shaped, heart, deep neckline;
  • decorate with rhinestones, sequins, embroidery, prints.


The style allows you to hide the possible flaws of the figure, visually reduce the hips, make the waistline thinner. The figure will become more proportional, harmonious. The model provides ease and comfort when wearing, especially in hot weather. The dress does not constrain movements, so pregnant women often prefer such styles. Options that look like a hoodie, are in the top trends for the past few seasons.

With long sleeve

Dresses look very aristocratic, elegant, noble. Sleeves of various shapes: flashlights, straight, flared. Some models may have shoulders open: this will give the image of seductiveness, make the neck visually longer. Despite the presence of sleeves, such models are convenient to wear in the summer: chiffon is very light and breathable.


Several chiffon skirts do not necessarily create the effect of volume, splendor. Options can be beautiful and catchy, but at the same time not burdening the image. Flowing and light skirts look very feminine and tender. Several length options: from midi to maxi. Asymmetric models exist. The skirt is decorated with embroidery or applique.

With a loop

Very festive, elegant models: ideal for celebrations, social evenings. Flying chiffon creates a bewitching loop effect.


Due to the characteristics of the material and incredible lightness, chiffon is in perfect harmony with other fabrics of various textures. It is able to soften contrasting materials, provide a balance in the image. Combined with:

  • satin;
  • lace;
  • velvet
  • skin;
  • fur;
  • organza;
  • knitwear.

The proportions of use can be different: from decorating individual elements (shuttlecocks, ruffles, inserts) to dominance in the outfit. Models with long chiffon skirts are very popular: straight, curvy, asymmetrical. Chiffon top balances the models with a tight and straight bottom, smooths the lines and severity in the outfit.