Chestnut in a bag as a protective talisman

Each of us wants to find for ourselves a talisman that would bring good luck, protect from all sorts of troubles. In fact, an incredibly strong energetic amulet is nearby. This is chestnut. Chestnut is essentially a sunny tree. Absorbing the energy of life from the sun, he distributes it to people. And at the same time it helps with well-being, pulls a person out of need, protects from the evil eye, gives energy and gives vitality.

Everyone can use it. By the way, the “female” chestnut, which grows in moderate climatic conditions, is much stronger than its congener with the name “southern”.

What can a chestnut if it lies in a woman’s handbag

There is a sure way to make a valuable amulet. From a dense coarse fabric, you need to sew a bag, put a few chestnuts in it. Tie the bag with a green ribbon. At the moment when help is needed, you need to get one of the fruits.

Hide a few small chestnuts at the bottom of the handbag, and soon you will feel their effect on yourself. Chestnut is very fond of delivering surprises to its “customers”. The moment you stop hoping for him, he will surely give you the necessary benefits.

  • Those who are experiencing financial problems, magical fruits will help to eliminate them .
  • A sick plant will give sick people health . Especially if the plant amulet was put in a purse or pocket on the growing moon.

Important! It is imperative to remember that a brown fruit is very fond of being picked up, played with, sorted out, simply held.

  • He will always protect you from evil, negative energy .
  • If you are a creative person, then you have found the right talisman, it will always contribute to the emergence of inspiration .
  • Even if you are skeptical of such signs, try to find the smallest chestnut, peel it and put it in your bag. You will certainly feel that evil people pass you by.

Important! The fetal has enough energy for two to three years. You should always pay attention to its appearance: the shell should not be wrinkled and dried. After this time, the chestnut needs to be replaced with a new young fruit.

How to improve the financial situation with the help of chestnut

This fruit is considered a symbol of abundance and wealth since ancient times.

Therefore, it will be useful to hide a few chestnuts under the lining of the bag, then the flow of money will not bypass you by any means.

The energy of the chestnut is greatly enhanced by the smell of mint . It is necessary to connect a branch of mint and small peeled chestnut. Put it all neatly in your wallet. In the past, it was believed that then it would never be empty.

A casket filled with chestnuts should always be in the house, one should keep his financial savings and even a wallet in the same place. This is a sure-fire way to draw cash flow into your family.