Checked trousers for full: what to choose, what to wear

This season the cell is a real trend! This pattern is used in various combinations and always looks stylish. With it, you can create a variety of images for everyday wear or going to a party. Checked trousers look especially relevant. They can be worn at work, for a walk with friends or on a date.

True, not all women decide on such a bold experiment. Ladies with magnificent forms are especially cautious. And completely in vain! Because for complete figures, you can choose the right model. They emphasize all the advantages, gently hide the flaws and excessive completeness.

What plaid pants to choose a complete woman

Each woman has to carefully choose sets of clothes, and more so for “donuts”. Indeed, a bright, active pattern dictates its requirements.

Choose a style

Important! Stylists recommend choosing the style of trousers in accordance with the peculiarities of the body structure.

  • For women with large shoulders and full breasts, flared pants or straight cut pants are suitable .
  • Owners of full hips need to choose a free cut model;
  • If, despite its completeness, the silhouette is close to the hourglass, you can look at the banana pants . They are very relevant in recent fashion seasons.

The main thing is to select the model exactly according to the figure. Only in this way will the selected pants fit perfectly.

We are looking for “our” cell

When choosing a print, it is important to consider three points: size, direction, color.

The size

The main fear of women is whether the print will make the figure even bigger? Anxiety is not without reason, especially for women with pronounced hips. That is why the size of the print is important.

Reference! A universal type of cell that fits almost everyone and doesn’t complete the figure even more is considered a small picture.

Such trousers will suit both thin girls and ladies with a magnificent figure. But a large pattern, indeed, will be non-winning.


The created image will also depend on how the cell is located. The “direct” cage is good for thin people!

Important! The best option for full cells is an oblique or diagonal direction.


Unfamiliar shades, for example, a not too pronounced black-gray cell, will suit full ladies. But this does not mean that with a variety of fabrics, they should be limited to black or gray. True, the choice of colors will have to be thoughtful.

It should be borne in mind that with curvaceous forms, not all colors are suitable. Warm shades create the illusion of extra volume . Therefore, you should refrain from such shades:

  • brown;
  • white;
  • mustard;
  • cream;
  • beige;
  • yellow;
  • red;
  • Orange.

Important! Various shades of green also tend to fill the figure. It should be excluded from the wardrobe khaki, pistachio, lime.

But the cool colors fit a complete woman. These include various shades of blue, black, purple, gray, turquoise.

The main thing is to choose a cell of not too bright tones that does not stand out. An important condition is also the lack of emphasis in problem areas on the figure of a lady.

How to wear plaid trousers for a plump woman

The cell is considered an extremely active print that attracts the eye and attracts the attention of others. That is why the upper part of the image needs to be selected in plain and calm shades, so as not to create dissonance .

Important! To look elegant, do not combine checkered trousers with the same print top. The exception is costume pairs.

  • Classic turtlenecks in basic colors always look great and help out in any situation. Having picked up shoes, you can go in this form to work or on a date with your loved one.
  • The combination with stylish knitted sweaters or knit sweaters is similar. The main thing is to choose the right style so as not to create additional volume in the upper part of the set.
  • Lingerie-style blouses and tops are a great option for hot summer days. The girl looks elegant and sophisticated in this way. Attention of the opposite sex will be provided to her.

The main thing is to choose the upper part of the wardrobe in calm colors, not too bright, so that the emphasis remains on the trousers and does not confuse your aggressiveness.