Check Dress Models

The cage has always been a fashionable and stylish print that adorned clothes of any style and style. She can be impudent, fervent, strict or respectable. The pattern is almost universal and fits most women. That is why dresses in a cage never go out of fashion, either increasing, or gradually reducing their popularity.

Models and styles of dresses in a cage

The print cage is applicable to products of almost all styles . It is successfully used both to give personality to a classic straight dress, and for a daring image with a short length. Or maybe maxi length for an evening out. The fantasy of designers allows girls to choose exactly the option that is most suitable for their appearance and clothing preferences.

Among the most popular models, the following are distinguished.

  • Classic fitted model . An ideal solution for girls working in a company with a strict dress code . Such a product goes well with strict jackets with shoes with a stable heel, and the print does not allow the image to become boring.

  • Straight cut product . Interesting models with a diagonal print arrangement effectively emphasize the dignity of the figure . And also they will allow wearing such a model not only for work, but also for putting it on evening outings in society.

  • With the Basque . Ideal for girls with a "rectangle" figure . It will effectively emphasize the waist line, and correctly selected high-heeled shoes will make the image feminine and attractive.

  • Maxi Today, products on the floor are no longer the prerogative of only evening dresses. A dress in a large cage of calm shades is perfect for everyday look .

  • The shirt . A medium-length stylized under a shirt is an excellent option for every day . It is convenient and easy, a minimum of accessories and well-chosen shoes will allow you to achieve the original urban set.

  • Flare. A beautiful flying skirt will allow women with a different type of figure to feel confident. The lush bottom will add the necessary volume to girls with the silhouette type “triangle”.

Important! When searching for a suitable dress, based on your own preferences, you should choose your favorite colors that fit your face, and a style that elegantly emphasizes the existing advantages of the silhouette.

Who's the check dresses?

A cell print is considered universal. It looks good on any figure, emphasizing all the advantages and reliably concealing the existing flaws of the figure.

A cage adorns any style and style of dress. It can be used in business or everyday looks, as well as come up with a stylish evening outfit. The main thing is to choose the right color and design of the product, suitable for the silhouette.

Important! The style of the dress is selected based on the parameters and complexion of the woman. The main task is to emphasize the soft roundness of the female camp.

For overweight women, plaid dresses are a real find. They help to effectively emphasize the image. Stylists offer to try on several options and various styles, and then choose the most suitable.