Chanel style - timeless classic for women 50+

Young fashionistas can safely give vent to imagination and experiment with their own style at least every day. Ladies of elegant age, as a rule, try to adhere to certain frames. But do not think that the fate of the fair sex of more mature age is monotonous and inexpressive things. At any age, a wise woman will find a way to be stylish and look 100% full. Coco Chanel, one of the most significant figures in the fashion industry, clearly demonstrated this by her own example.

Impeccable Coco Chanel style

For almost a century, the name Coco Chanel has been a synonym for sophisticated taste and femininity. A courageous and talented woman who made a revolution in the fashion industry managed to create an impeccable style that is not influenced by time.

Important! For women of elegant age, this style is a real find, because it not only makes women more attractive and feminine, but also provides them with maximum comfort.

Chanel style clothes

Coco Chanel has always taken care of the fair sex. Her models are always distinguished by tailoring of high quality and an impeccable fit. A distinctive feature of Chanel models is also the absence of frills. Exceptionally classic options with the same touch of chic.

Style features

To become the embodiment of the Chanel style, it is absolutely not necessary to purchase things of this particular brand . It is enough to choose clothes of similar shades and cuts.

When compiling an image, it will be useful to adhere to the following principles:

  1. An outfit should be present in the outfit : this will help to create the impression that looking excellent for you is a common thing, while carefully selected clothes will overly expressively indicate your efforts.
  2. Simplicity + comfort = elegance. It is better to give preference to classic forms and plain silhouettes. The main components of this style are straight-cut trousers with arrows, a classic white shirt, sheath dress, cashmere pullover with a V-neck, a pencil skirt and concise low-heeled shoes.
  3. The optimal length of the skirts is to the middle of the knee (the best option is a little longer).
  4. All the elements of the wardrobe that form the basis of such an image should be harmoniously combined with each other.

Important! One of the basic rules of Chanel: a thing should ideally sit on a figure, without tightening it, without restricting movements and allowing you to freely take any poses.

Color range of clothes

This style is characterized by a calm neutral palette of cold shades . Warm shades are represented in the minority. The main leaders are white and black, which are used both simultaneously and separately from each other.

Often in models there are shades of gray, flesh, pale pink and cold blue. Of saturated, red is preferred.

Important! The main condition for elegance is the absence of overly bright colors. The basic wardrobe should be kept in black.

The prints used in models of this style are very simple: a goose foot, a checkerboard, a thin strip, a diamond-shaped or specific pattern that forms when the threads are woven and is characteristic of a woolen fabric.

Why is Chanel's style perfect for 50+ women?

Silhouettes and styles of wardrobe elements in this style, and the characteristic mood created by the bows obtained, fully coincide with the conditions imposed by age. The desired effect is achieved thanks to elegant skirts and dresses knee-length or slightly lower.

You can not ignore the costumes of tweed, which have long had become a key element of the wardrobe, composed in a similar style. A tweed jacket has long been an integral sign of classic-based styles. These include: business, urban and Chanel style itself.

We take into account the features of the figure

Skirts and trousers of a straight cut or flared from the hip visually lengthen the silhouette and make the wearer of such clothes slimmer, without highlighting anything extra. Ideal models of dresses - fitted, but not tight-fitting. It is advisable to choose the length to the knee or slightly lower.

For ladies with an “apple” or “rectangle” shape with not expressed hips, a top or blouse with a peplum in combination with a pencil skirt covering the knees will be an excellent choice. A basque will help make the silhouette more harmonious.

Women with a figure of the type “guitar” will suit a voluminous, but not too fluffy skirt in black or dark blue, a pastel-colored blouse or voluminous scarf, beautifully tied around the neck.

Accessories for the image in the style of Chanel

An interesting image consists of little things . You can make any bow more interesting with the help of accessories that go well with simple things. But it is not recommended to use a large number of accessories when creating an image in this style.

Advice! It is advisable to give preference to simple jewelry . When choosing a large necklace, it is better to refuse to use massive earrings or bracelets at the same time.

Ideal shoes are classic pumps or rounded toe boots. The finishing touch in creating an image in this style should be a laconic quilted handbag of a neutral hue on a chain.

Successful images

Plain blouses, shirts and laconic tops without decorative elements are suitable for creating images in this style.

A suitable option for outerwear is jackets made of tweed, another rather dense suit fabric or minimalistic coats of a classic cut. It is better to wear such things simply by throwing them on your shoulders (this will make the image more feminine). Tweed suits look best in combination with midi skirts, silk blouses and pearl necklaces.

To create an evening look, the ideal choice is a small black dress, which is the basis of every woman’s wardrobe, a long dress with a cutout “boat” or “American” armhole is acceptable . Laconic gold jewelry, diamonds and a small clutch harmoniously complement this look .

Chanel's style has remained relevant for many years. Due to the unique combination of simplicity of cut and richness of fabrics, ladies of any age can look stylish and elegant in images created in accordance with the basic principles of this unique style.