Celebrities who choose budget brands

It is not necessary to dress exclusively in branded items to look stylish and attractive . And this fact is constantly proved by world stars. Recognized style icons do not disdain clothes from popular network markets and regularly appear in public in it. And there is nothing wrong with that. In the selected outfits, they look great. Moreover, affordable clothing does not mean poor quality! Many textile products look very dignified.

Which brands are budget and democratic

Often, stars prefer regular clothes from online mass markets. This greatly brings them closer to ordinary people and makes us understand that famous actresses, singers, political and public figures are the same people as all of us . And ordinary, comfortable and inexpensive clothes are not alien to them.

The most famous budget brands

Common budget brands that many stars prefer include:

  • H&M;
  • TopShop;
  • Levi's
  • GAP
  • Zara and others.

Important! Star stylists often look into online markets to pick up an everyday bow or even an outfit to participate in a popular program on radio or television.

Often their searches are crowned with success, and quite expensive and budget ones slip among the expensive sets.

What attracts democratic brands

The assortment presented on the shelves of popular stores is striking in variety . Even the stars of show business cannot refrain from shopping.

Beautiful dresses, stylish and bold costumes, as well as various wardrobe details, appear on the stars all the time.

What things do budget brands choose celebrities

Celebrities often appear in public in inexpensive things from online clothing boutiques. And that does not make them less attractive. Sometimes a dress for 2 thousand rubles, accessible to any girl, can look much better on a famous person than an exclusive and very expensive outfit.

Look at famous people who buy clothes from affordable brands.

Ivanka Trump

Despite all the wealth and the title of “style icon”, the girl does not disdain to buy clothes in network markets. What is only a beautiful strict dress from the Target hypermarket.

Help The cost of this dress from Victoria Beckham is only $ 35.

Ivanka looked beautiful in it even at an official event. This proves once again: clothes do not color a person ...

Kate Middleton

The Duchess of Cambridge regularly appears in public in low-cost outfits. On the wife of Prince William, you can often see a jacket or elegant trousers of the Zara brand.

Queen Leticia

The Spanish Queen Consort prefers inexpensive and comfortable outfits even for attending formal events.

Her Royal Majesty's favorite brand is Zara . And it is worth noting that she always looks elegant and attractive, even in low-cost sets .

Penelope Cruz

The sultry Spaniard does not hesitate to wear inexpensive clothes even at important events and film festivals . She believes that the main thing in the image is the woman who wears clothes, and not the outfit itself.

I must say that she does this very confidently, and fashion critics do not forget to regularly mark her with positive reviews. In the photo Penelope Cruz in a dress from H&M .

Demmy Moor

A recognized beauty and stylish woman also will not fail to appear in public in a stylish outfit, which is quite inexpensive.

For example, Demi can often be seen in simple cropped trousers, a sleek shirt and a lightweight H&M jacket.


The girl often shows irony in relation to her wardrobe. She can often be seen in plain H&M jeans and a matching perky print T-shirt.

All this "disgrace" "Queen Bee" complement with bright scarlet stilettos.

Polina Gagarina

One of the Russian stars who prefer inexpensive clothes in everyday life.

In her wardrobe, you can find a huge amount of clothing from boutiques H&M, Zara and other popular network brands. Going on vacation, Polina buys swimwear at H&M and tells how pleased she is with her choice.

Taylor Swift

This lover of combining expensive accessories and things at a bargain price is known for her everyday sets.

In her wardrobe you can find shorts, jeans, overalls, t-shirts and dresses from well-known network mass markets, for example, TopShop . They successfully coexist with expensive bags and shoes.

Kendall jenner

The girl struggles to earn the status of “style icon”.

A variety of sets are used, selected both in expensive boutiques and in chain clothing stores. And it should be noted that Kendall looks great in any of them. Like, for example, in this image created for the TopShop collection.

Sarah Jessica Parker

The already recognized “style icon” does not hesitate to go on the red carpet in a dress created by H&M designers.

The actress believes that the whole thing is in the person who wears these clothes. Well, he doesn’t forget to complement the costume with stylish and unusual accessories, for example, a hat that makes the star look like a Phoenix bird.

Wearing cheap brands is no shame. This can be seen by looking at the stars of show business. Both Russian and foreign media personalities quite often appear in public in inexpensive outfits. They can be seen in such bows even at official events and red carpet festivals.