Carelessness in style - fashionable and relevant

Modern fashion trends do not cease to amaze fashionistas around the world. Many experts in the fashion industry are already saying that carefully thought-out images are replaced by a casual style . Let's say a secret: you also need to create it thoughtfully!

How to create a sloppy look: fashionable, not homeless

In everyday life, using a casual style is very convenient. Therefore, it is rapidly gaining popularity.

General trends

But it’s right to create it in order to look stylish, and not funny - the task is difficult. To do this, you can consciously add elements from a thorough style to the image, and not vice versa . A striking example is the combination of ripped jeans and classic pumps.

But if you add a blouse tied in a knot to a chic skirt, stilettos and perfect styling, then the thing will no longer fit into the bow and will look fake.

Let us consider in more detail what things can add attractive negligence to our image.


Acquainted with modern fashion collections, you can see what designers use to create a slight negligence of the image.

Ripped Denim

A striking representative of this trend are jeans, which are decorated with scuffs and real holes .

This mod has long been in the collection of street street-style.

Important! Ripped jeans have undergone some changes - in 2019, models with huge cuts are relevant.

Torn knitwear

Sweaters with randomly arranged holes already served as an occasion for jokes and indignation. Outwardly, the product looks as if it had been in the teeth of a wild beast.

A similar novelty was enjoyed by many celebrities and people with a good sense of humor.

Hole Dresses

Such products are sewn from soft knitted fabric . The elegance of the model is given by decorative elements - rhinestones and rivets.

Sloppy t-shirts

Most of these products offer premium brands. Such t-shirts are expensive, but they look stretched and not at all aesthetically pleasing.

Raw edge items.

This trend has been holding for many years and has pleased fashionistas. And also it is beneficial to garment factories, which significantly reduce the cost of the production process.

Dirty clothes

Designers do not stop there and move on. Brand items are specially decorated with mud . It can be traces of grass, earth, coffee and much more.

There are also sweatshirts with imitation of sweat stains on the back and armpits, demonstrating that the person worked hard in the gym. It is necessary to create the impression that the thing has been worn for a very long time.

Important! When creating a specific onion, you can use only one torn or contaminated thing. Otherwise, a stylish image is out of the question.


Dirty shoes appeared on the catwalks. Moreover, on luxury models, it looks very organic, which can not be said about budget sneakers.

For example, Gucci's soiled sneakers are a peculiar reflection of their owner’s inner world, which often walks in nature.

Accessories and hairstyle to complete the look

Fashionable style is convenient because it allows you not to worry about the appearance .


In a careless manner, brooches and intricate jewelry with which women strive to emphasize individuality will be inappropriate . For such things, negligence is simply not permissible.

No thorough “fitting” of jewelry to clothes! The brooch that adorned an expensive coat or fur coat yesterday may well move onto a stretched knitted sweater. And an expensive leather handbag - to a cheap down jacket.


Perfect styling, like perfect manicure, is not respected here! On the contrary, knocked out strands and tousled hair look much more touching and more natural .

Important! Overgrown unpainted hair roots have also become a trend and have not repelled anyone for a long time. Many girls specially tint their hair, creating a similar effect.

Just a couple of years ago, it was hard to imagine that greasy hair would even be acceptable. Now world-famous stars demonstrate their styling is not the first freshness at the opening ceremonies of various events.

Important! In pursuit of fashion trends, it is important to always remember that body cleanliness and hygiene are the key to health and well-being. After all, a person who actually smells bad and wears dirty clothes causes negative emotions in others

Therefore, each person decides for himself what is a priority for him.

A sloppy style gives you great freedom in choosing things and manifesting your personality. But, creating such an image, it is important not to slip from elegant negligence to outright sloppiness !