Can a woman in trousers go to church

Many Orthodox people are sure that girls and women are forbidden to appear in church in trousers. This is dictated by Christian canons, tradition, culture and public opinion. Wearing items other than a long skirt is often censured and forbidden. This article examines how well-founded this ban is.


For Orthodox people, beauty is very important. The scriptures urge you to take care of yourself in order to reflect the inner beauty in the outer. According to Christian laws, one cannot pay too much attention to appearance, but one cannot ignore oneself. Representatives of the weaker sex should show their basic qualities in clothing: femininity and tenderness. Therefore, from an aesthetic point of view, the appearance in trousers will be incorrect. In addition, in all Christian churches people wear standardized clothes, and the pants on the girl will be knocked out of the picture.

What the bible says

In the Old Testament, the position regarding clothing is clearly defined. The New Testament confirms all provisions. But most people interpret the words from the book incorrectly and too literally. The Bible says that women are forbidden to wear men's clothing, and men are forbidden to wear women's clothing. In this case, this adjective is understood as “owned by a man”, his own. We are talking about the so-called "mummers", as well as various pagan rites that were strictly prohibited. Part of these rites was dressing up. Any manifestations of magic and paganism are not accepted by the Christian teaching, therefore, the Bible contains this phrase that is not related to the functions of the current wardrobe. In addition, at the time of writing the book, there was a different understanding of trousers that was different from today. Currently, trousers have become a full-fledged element of the women's wardrobe, their models are not worn by men: they simply will not suit them, such clothes are considered directly to women. Therefore, the biblical principle does not apply to it.

The opinion of the priests

Priests do not agree.

Some people realize that clothing is an element of culture that is not related to faith. The doctrine was written a long time ago, so it must be adapted to modernity so that strict rules do not repel people. They urge not to condemn the young girls who come to the temple for help, but receive complaints about the appearance and jeans. Others urge you to strictly follow the dress code. It is IMPORTANT to know that now there is no strict ban on trousers: it all depends on the church, the clergyman and parishioners.

The basic requirements for things to go to the temple: modesty, minimalism, restraint, simplicity, lack of catchy elements.


  1. The head must not be left uncovered. Be sure to use a scarf or kerchief. If not, use a hood or other improvised means.
  2. Skirts and dresses are preferred.
  3. Long sleeves: open shoulders and back are read indecent gesture. The human body must be covered with clothing.
  4. Not attracting attention colors, jewelry, soft cosmetics.
  5. Skirt requirements: long or medium length (below the knee), free cut.

All rules are not considered binding and clearly enforceable. Their observance can be called desirable . This expresses respect for other parishioners. Some men say that girls in short skirts or dresses distract them from prayer. Therefore, the choice of dress code completely depends on individual preferences and desires. There are no clear guidelines.

IMPORTANT: the strictness of following the rules is individual: in some temples open conflicts may arise due to appearance. Parishioners or a clergyman will show a negative reaction. This does not apply to monasteries, the use of a skirt is mandatory there, the rules are much stricter there.