Can pets be allowed to sleep in your bed?

Many people have pets. They get them small, and from great love they begin to put with them to bed, not thinking about the consequences. Let's talk about why you can’t sleep in the same bed as pets.

Potential Harmful Sleeping with a Pet

It would seem, well, what harm from sleeping with your beloved pet can be? Yes, it can be quite dangerous and harmful to human health. Look, a good owner takes care of his cat or dog. Consider the dog example. In addition to food, these animals need daily walks. Fresh air gives strength to the pet, and you also need to eat herbs in the summertime on the lawns. There is nothing wrong with that.

REFERENCE! But, running in different street places, the dog on its paws brings infection to the house. Or didn’t you know about it?

The animal, of course, is washed, but not as thoroughly as humans. As a result, paws dirty with bacteria fall on your clean bed, where you lie with your bare body, face. And then, everyone is surprised where I got lichen, because the dog does not have it. This sore can be picked up through street walks of animals.

Moreover, often the pets are left alone at home, and if you at least several times put them with you on the bed, then be sure that while you are away, the animal lies in your place.

ATTENTION! Any pet should sleep in a special place, but not in your bed. We advise you to bathe animals and wash your feet thoroughly after long walks. Among other things, dogs have fleas that bring a lot of trouble to people.

Dog fleas through the bed

After your sleeping animal slept with you, then parasite eggs attacked directly from the wool on the bed. Then small fleas hatch, which at night and in the daytime feed on the blood of man and the animal itself. They do not live on the body of people, but they bite quite painfully, leaving numerous redness on the body in the form of small acne.

Next, a pungent itch begins, which provokes endless scratching, leaving sores on the human body. Fleas are also carriers of infections. Anemia infection is also possible. The skin reaction to a flea bite can cause a different reaction. Allergies, staphylococcus, herpes, lichen, domestic hepatitis, worms and various parasitic infections. Why take the risk? Let them sleep on the floor in the right places.

And take a closer look at the appearance of fleas, they need to be removed quickly. Otherwise, they will bred so that they have to contact the appropriate services for the disinfection and extermination of harmful insects.

REFERENCE: A female flea, brings 1, 500 eggs per week. And this is only one individual. Imagine what will happen in two? Bed linen will turn into a hotbed of fleas and infections.

The benefits of sleeping with pets

  1. The nervous system calms down when a four-legged pet sleeps nearby.
  2. It is believed that the animal cleans the aura during a person’s sleep.
  3. A high percentage of sleep, even if the animals lie in the room with the owner.
  4. Eliminates the feeling of loneliness.
  5. It gives warmth to the human body.
  6. Before going to bed, many owners pet their pets and look into their eyes. Because of this, a special hormone, oxytocin, is produced, which forms an emotional connection and causes a feeling of trust.
  7. Raises the mood for a future dream.
  8. Blood pressure decreases.
  9. Significantly lowers the stress hormone, relieves prolonged depression.
  10. Improves heart function.