Can I wear four or more flowers together?

Let me tell you a terrible secret: the world is changing. Including the world of fashion. Surely you knew about this. But did you know that you can already carry a bag and shoes of different colors, and (horror!) Gold and silver at the same time? And what about the color in the clothes? How many colors can you now afford to combine at the same time, without fear of being branded with no taste or sense of proportion? Let's get it right.

Rules for combining colors in clothes

Despite the breadth of views in the world of fashion, the rules for combining colors have not been canceled. After all, color is a physical quantity, and we react to it subconsciously, no matter what the gurus require from fashion.

What is the maximum number of shades?

Designers believe that more than four colors in clothes should not be combined . Of course, modern fashion also provides for a total bow, when only one color is present in the image. Such an image will attract attention, but many will call it boring. It is easier to combine two colors, but it is also hardly fun and interesting. The classic version is three colors: one basic, two additional.

But if you want to add a twist to your outfit and look stylish and bright - feel free to use four colors at once . More is not necessary, otherwise your image threatens to become tasteless and clumsy (there are exceptions, but we'll talk about them later). Even if there are four colors in the clothes at the same time, one or two should be basic, basic, and the rest should be present only as accents.

The principles of combining four colors in an image

Let's take a look at Itten's color wheel. It is they who need to be guided in order to create that image that will be bright, relevant and, at the same time, not flashy.

Important! Consider not only the color of the clothes, but the color of the skin and hair. Colors should not match completely, but be sure to combine!

Let's learn to combine four colors in one look. The first possible combination, experts call similar. This means that we will use the four colors adjacent to the circle (related colors) . For example: violet, blue-violet, blue, blue-green. Do not forget that two (or one) of them should be the main ones, the rest - with a small splash, accents.

The next principle of compatibility is the principle of the rectangle. Mentally draw a rectangle with a middle in the color wheel. The colors that will be in the corners of the figure, we need . Such a palette in one image is called a “tetrad”. Take the combination of red-orange, blue-violet, blue-green, yellow-orange. We choose, for example, blue-violet and blue-green. And the rest will complement the image, being present in the details - bag, shoes, scarf.

In the same way, a tetrad is constructed in the form of a square. You will be surprised how appropriate a combination of yellow-green, orange, red-violet and blue can be!

In addition, it is important to remember a few more rules:

  • black and white are combined with any colors;
  • gray is combined with almost all. You just need to remember that he has many shades - no jokes, there really are a lot of them, and this affects the palette of combinations;
  • pastel colors combine well with each other, regardless of shade. Unless, be careful with pink - it visually adds volume even to very slender girls.

Examples of fashion ensembles

Looking at the photo below, you will see that a harmonious image of four colors is more than possible. For example:

  1. The most conservative ladies can use long sleeve t-shirts in gray and white stripes, a blue bottom (skirt or jeans), and as an accent, an orange clutch or jewelry.
  2. Ladies dare to appreciate the charcoal (or dark blue) jacket, yellow skirt, and turquoise bag. Brown sandals are suitable for this, which can be tinted with the decor on the bag to match or add a pendant of natural wood shades to the image. By the way, a beige hat is well suited to this image - here you have the fifth color ! And in spite of everything, the outfit will turn out to be stylish and modern.
  3. For self-confident girls, a vivid image in which lemon yellow and light turquoise will be the main ones, and a red-orange handbag and purple sandals will complement the bow. Perky and very fashionable!
  4. Using color combinations correctly, you can successfully include in your outfit not only five, but also more shades . For example, related colors - brown, yellow and yellow-orange will be good in contrast with blue and blue-green. Fuchsia and mint, as the main colors, will create an elegant look with yellow and purple.
  5. As a bright accent, you can add something brilliant to your image. For example, a silver jacket in a waist, draped over a blue sweater, in combination with a dark blue skirt, is a wonderful outfit for both a girl and a serious lady. As an accent, you should use a thin red strap or handbag.

If you learn how to correctly combine colors using the color wheel, you will always be stylish and fashionable, no matter how many shades you use in your clothes. Dare and do not be afraid of change!