Can I walk at home in my husband’s clothes? Signs and Psychology

Is it possible to walk in clothes of the second half? What do the men themselves think about this and are there any signs that prohibit this? The rest of the article details each aspect.

Is it advisable to "flaunt" in her husband’s clothes at home?

From a hygienic point of view, of course, the situation is so-so. But you're not going to wear his underpants, right? And adding a “masculine note” to your wardrobe is quite relevant today. And in general, it’s so comfortable to put on a smelling IM clothes, inhale its smell ... Many women sin like this and do not even recognize her husband in this peculiar fetishism.

Women have long borrowed different things from men's wardrobes. At one time, men's wardrobe “donated” trousers, a hat, shorts, and a jacket. This fashion is quite "permits" the wearing of men's things . So why not borrow some fashionable item in your husband’s closet?

Another thing is whether it will be to your size and whether it will "sit" . If you have the 48th size, and the husband is the 56th, then it is unlikely that you can adapt his trousers or jacket in your image. But to tie a shirt on his stomach and roll up his sleeves is quite a decent option. Yes, and large T-shirts are quite relevant today, and oversized jeans are at the peak of fashion.

What do men think about this?

It is believed that a man should always see his beloved beautiful, sophisticated, which can hardly be imagined if she is wearing a stretched sweater or sweatshirts. Fashion stylists say this from TV screens, and many women believe. But is it really so? No studies on this topic have been conducted . And this is what psychologists say: the abominable mood of a spouse will tire a man much faster than her clothes, no matter what she is.

There are also men who love home comfort, home clothes and their wife in any home clothes - and men's too. Because he doesn’t care what she is wearing. The main thing, as they say, is under the clothes.

And you must remember! Dirty clothes, even the most lacy and seductive ones, look much more disgusting than a simple but clean T-shirt and shorts, even for men.

As for non-domestic clothing, which you periodically want to borrow from your husband in your images, then this issue should be discussed with your soulmate. We are sure that he will not mind, rather, it will cause him bewilderment. But it’s quite possible to handle this, right?

What consequences can this lead to?

Do not believe the tabloids claiming that in men's clothing a woman will look rude and the man will turn away from her. Everything that “pours” from the screens is made for advertising and sales . That is, you "in no case should save and take something from others, just buy, buy, buy!" Of course, your "feints" with your husband’s clothes will lead to the fact that you buy less, and profit from manufacturers clothes will also be less.

If the husband does not mind, and you like the clothes, and, most importantly, you know how to wear them, don’t hesitate to wear them. The consequences are a great mood, a fashionable image, the envy of others. A modern woman of fashion is quite impressed and raises self-esteem by a similar situation!

When is it strictly forbidden?

When faith forbids, for example. Muslim women are not allowed to do this. They generally can’t wear someone else’s clothing, especially if it belongs to the opposite sex.

And, of course, if your husband is categorically against - you should not raise this issue.

A few subtleties that will help

How to take a fashionable thing from her husband? Especially if he himself adores her? There are several outputs:

  • buy exactly the same, and not torment your peasant with requests;
  • wear it when he does not wear;
  • ask her when you want to wear it. But here everything will depend on whether the husband is in conflict and harmful in such disputes;
  • try to put pressure on pity. One hundred percent option for pregnant women, for example.

Are there any signs regarding this?

She will accept a great many about clothes, but as to whether a spouse can wear something from her husband’s wardrobe, this is known:

  • don’t wear husband’s clothes - the disease will be;
  • if a woman put on her husband’s clothes, she committed a sin;
  • if a woman puts on her husband’s hat, she can change him;
  • if she puts on her husband’s hat during sex with him, she will have a boy.

We do not pretend to the correctness of these statements, they are all collected on the Internet. In general, the most true sign: if the husband puts on his wife’s dress, there will be grief in the family . Everything else is just superstition. Right?