Can I sell a wedding dress?

Selling a wedding dress is a matter of faith, so there are no specific recommendations for this. However, a wedding is an event so significant in the life of every person that everything connected with it unwittingly assumes a symbolic meaning.

It is worth separating two concepts: a wedding dress and a wedding. Nowadays, the marriage process is often limited to registration in the registry office, not every couple goes down the aisle. But it is the wedding outfit, according to belief, endowed with the strength that the people ascribe to him.

When can a wedding dress be sold?

According to popular beliefs, it is impossible to sell a wedding dress: it becomes a symbol of the family hearth and a talisman of the family. In the old days, such outfits were inherited, but this tradition had a practical basis: the dresses were richly decorated and very expensive, therefore they were stored in the house as a family heirloom and were passed from mother to daughter.

Nowadays, the cost of a bride’s outfit is sometimes comparable to the price of a good used foreign car, so from the sphere of tradition the issue of selling it has migrated to the sphere of practicality, since a young family often needs money.

People’s wisdom does not give specific recommendations regarding the time for selling a bride’s outfit: someone says that it can be done after 12 months from the wedding day, and someone does not advise selling the dress earlier than 3 years after the celebration.

However, everyone agrees that you can safely get rid of the outfit if the marriage turned out to be fragile. Another question is how the other bride will react to such a purchase : according to legend, the wedding dress carries the energy of her mistress and, passing it to another girl, the ex-wife passes on her troubles to the new owner.

Important! Popular wisdom says that it is better to burn the wedding dress after a divorce: along with it, all the troubles of its owner will burn.

If the bride is not burdened with superstitions

If a girl does not believe in signs, then the problem is whether to sell or not to sell a dress, she is not faced with it. An expensive outfit can significantly improve the family budget, and white fabric eventually turns yellow and deteriorates. But it is worth remembering that the resale of even once worn clothing does not allow us to gain more than a third of the initial cost for it .

Like any thing, a dress must undergo pre-sale training:

  • clothes should be cleaned;
  • tear away amulets and personal tags;
  • wash it yourself is undesirable, as it may lose its presentation;
  • if you give the dress in dry cleaning, you can increase its cost during the sale.

When is it undesirable to sell it?

If it is possible to keep a wedding outfit and there is no extreme need for money, then it is better not to sell it . The dress is a symbol of the family, carries the energy of happiness and joyful excitement.

Important! Signs say that the wedding dress is endowed with healing power: they can cover a sick child and say a prayer - recovery will come quickly. A veil at the head of the crib can protect the baby from the evil eye.

What are the signs of this?

It is especially important to keep the dress in the house if the family is happy: it is believed that passing it on, the wife, as the guardian of the family hearth, gives her happiness to another.

In addition, according to legend, such a dress can be damaged, thereby upsetting the family idyll and bringing the couple to a divorce.

Is it acceptable to rent after a wedding? What are the risks?

So that an expensive thing does not “stand idle” and generate income, you can rent a dress. This is especially true of ensembles from the latest fashion collections: they are usually fabulously expensive, and for some girls, rental is the only way to show off in such an outfit. So there are definitely those who wish.

However, there are pitfalls: the hostess runs the risk of getting the dress back with spots or holes, so the question of compensating for such troubles is best negotiated in advance .

Additional elements: what to do with them?

Signs say that some accessories of a wedding suit are best left at home. This is especially true of veils, which have long been considered the amulet of the bride from the evil eye . If there are no veils in the wedding ensemble, gloves can be left.

How to avoid possible consequences after the sale?

There are several rules defined by centuries of wisdom, how to protect yourself and the customer after the sale of your wedding attire:

  • cross the back of the departing new owner three times and cross herself three times;
  • do not give anything to anyone from home for 7 days.

It is believed that such measures will protect both the owners of the wedding ensemble and the family hearth from trouble.

Church rules regarding dress sales

The Russian Orthodox Church has always been an opponent of superstition and worship of things. Therefore, the answer is clear: there is nothing wrong with transmitting or selling a wedding dress . In ancient times, due to the high cost of a wedding dress, this was considered normal practice. According to church canons, a wedding is an indulgence of the grace of God in the hearts of newlyweds, and the outfit here is just a beautiful attribute of triumph.

Thus, the fate of the wedding dress can be solved in two ways, depending on the worldview of the hostess:

  • if a woman believes in signs, it is better to refuse from his sale, since negative thoughts can “pull” negative events;
  • if superstition for a young wife is nothing more than part of folklore, the outfit can be safely sold.