Can I get married in a red dress?

A red wedding dress came to us from centuries ago, from Ancient Russia. In Russian traditions, it was necessary to prepare an outfit with a red dress or white, but richly embroidered with red threads, for the main celebration. In the transcript, this means that the girl getting married is especially beautiful and in good health .

The red wedding dress was replaced with white according to European traditions during the reign of Peter the Great. So, is it possible to marry him?

Important! Now this bright, dynamic, vibrant color has returned and occupies the second position in the relevance of wedding dresses. Brides are happy to choose red images for themselves.

What do world designers think?

According to tradition, at the end of the fashion show in honor of the new collection, the leading fashion designers of the world present several wedding dresses. In recent years, many of them have turned to red as the base for the bride’s dress. The options are presented in different shades - from coral to dark cherry, in monochromatic or their two-color combinations among themselves, as well as a duet of red and white.

The brides readily responded to fashion trends, and now among the snow-white and cream dresses in the registry offices in all its glory, a bold and defiant fiery color flashed. Such dresses suit natures active, strong, confident.

They are chosen by girls who do not stop halfway, but go to the end and achieve their goal. The owners of the red wedding dress are not afraid to be in sight, calmly relate to the increased attention of others and are even ready to challenge public opinion.

What do the signs say?

Superstitious girls will pay great attention to the following warnings, which, being the wisdom of the people, are still just prejudices:

  • The scarlet wedding dress leads to family quarrels, because this color symbolizes not only love, but also anger. It is for this reason that psychics do not recommend wearing it on the first day of the celebration;
  • red is the color of protection. Most likely it will be on the second day of the wedding, at which time the bride may already be in an interesting position.

So they believed in ancient times among the people. Now it’s not uncommon when marriages are registered in the last months of pregnancy. So for this case, when the bride already wears a child’s heart, a red dress that has protection from the evil eye and evil people will be very welcome.

When can I wear a red wedding dress?

Only when you really want it. Fulfill your desire, but consider the following factors:

  • the fiery color is very suitable for the second or next marriage;
  • women of mature age in a red dress look chic;
  • this outfit is recommended to be worn on the second day of the celebration;
  • skillful selection of style will hide all the flaws and imperfections of the figure;
  • lush girls should pay attention to the dark shades of red - jam, merlot, sangria, pomegranate, ruby, wine, burgundy. They will make the figure slimmer;
  • blondes are better off choosing delicate shades - salmon, coral, dark pink in pure color or in combination with white;
  • brunettes can not be afraid to try on scarlet, cherry, raspberry, cinnabar, candy, carmine or the color of lipstick.

What should be the suit of the groom?

We will not recommend a return to the hoary antiquity with the scarlet shirt of the groom. For such a solemn day in the wardrobe of a man, a new suit of the corresponding color must necessarily appear.

The groom's white outfit fits perfectly with the bride's dress. It will suit any shade of red, and a young man next to his future wife will be very stylish.

An outfit in black, blue, gray tones will necessarily require addition of attributes to match the dress. It can be a boutonniere, a bow tie, a tie and even a shirt.

Important! If the choice fell on a suit of the same color as the bride, then the shades should match completely, to the smallest nuances.