Can ballet shoes harm legs?

With the development of the shoe industry, our wardrobe includes more and more new models. But not always they, with all their external attractiveness, are safe for our health. These products include popular ballet shoes.

This model is a kind of shoes, without a heel, on a flat sole. The product can be made of leather, leatherette or dense fabric .

We will figure out what is the danger of this shoe.

Why ballet shoes are not the best choice for health

Many women believe that the most harmful is high-heeled shoes. But according to doctors, ballet shoes are no less harmful . This is explained by the following criteria.

Foot injuries

The completely flat solid sole of this shoe is usually quite thin. Therefore, it does not have sufficient rigidity and does not protect the leg. Through it, the skin of the foot is exposed to the traumatic effect of the soil (pebbles, bumps).

Microdamage to the skeleton

The lack of lifting the sole and heel does not allow the foot to cushion normally, that is, to fulfill its direct function. As a result, the skeleton receives microdamage.

Important! This can cause pain and unpleasant consequences in the form of convulsions or flat feet.

Foot diseases

The upper part of the ballet shoes is made of soft material that is deformed. Because of this, the shoes cease to provide the foot with the necessary support. The foot glides inside and the load point shifts. This leads to clubfoot. And also a bone can begin to grow.


The absence of a heel increases the load on the spine and causes osteochondrosis .

Reference! Shoes that have a small heel, the height of which is about 3-5 cm, are considered the most harmless.

Another bad feature of ballet shoes is the lack of arch support .

What flat shoes to choose instead of ballet shoes

In order to correctly choose another model without a heel, you need to pay attention to the following points.

Criterias of choice

  • The presence of a small heel . It is enough to lift a couple of centimeters so that when walking you do not feel discomfort.
  • The instep support must be present. This part helps maintain the arch of the foot.
  • Choose products that have additional fixing elements: lacing or elastic . This will help the shoe not slip on the foot and will allow you to more evenly distribute the load on it.
  • Natural materials . They better fit the leg, do not slip and can, after expansion, take their original form.


Alternatively, doctors suggest replacing ballet shoes with sneakers in their wardrobe . Indeed, at present there are a lot of options for sneakers, which are wonderfully combined not only with trousers, but also with dresses and skirts.

A worthy replacement, especially in the summer, will be sandals . They are perfectly fixed on the leg. And their design provides the necessary parameters for comfortable use.

Moccasins, loafers, oxfords and other models will be a worthy alternative to ballet shoes. The main thing in our life is health. And you need to store it from a young age. Therefore, when choosing, give preference to convenience and harmlessness. And instead of ballet shoes, choose low-heeled shoes.