Can an Armani T-shirt cost 1,500 rubles?

After a cafe and a delicious dinner, my friend and I went to the newly opened clothing store. The sign proudly convinced that exclusive items were sold here at low prices. Going down to the basement, we wandered and went out without shopping. Confused prices, I admit. Can a T-shirt from Armani cost only 1, 500 rubles?

How much does Armani actually cost

T-shirts from the famous brand will start from about 3, 500 and further into the endless distance. They have a simple cut, but there are models with stripes and other decorative details. The fabric of this thing is made of 100% cotton, and the seams are stitched with high-quality threads. When you take it in your hands and measure it on yourself, you understand why it is expensive.

Brand awareness and status

Popularity greatly changes value up! Exclusivity emphasizes the status, so it makes no sense to reduce the price tag, it reduces the cost of the name. Marketing every day works on recognition, and a small tag nicely warms the customer as a symbol of belonging to a certain class. Through the efforts of marketers, Armani is associated with the high society of businessmen and Hollywood stars, no less. Accordingly, a successful person will not buy things for 1, 500 rubles.

Quality material

We are really ready to pay for quality! There is a good saying that avaricious pays twice. A cheap fake can fade during the first wash or stretch after the third publication. It is quality and unique fabrics that make the brand in demand.

There are reviews that bought an expensive T-shirt for 7-8 thousand, and she quickly wiped herself and went in spools. The question arises, so maybe it was a fake for the price of a real copy?

A good cotton T-shirt has all the advantages of this fabric:

  • hygroscopicity;
  • crush resistance;
  • hypoallergenicity;
  • resistance to pollution;
  • the ability to withstand numerous washings without losing shape and gloss.


In the era of globalization and mass production, we are increasingly paying attention to uniqueness. Who wants to walk a pretty blouse and find that half of the ladies on the street are wearing the exact same model? Limited circulation, high price narrows the target audience, giving the possession a pleasant aftertaste of special privilege!

Complexity of execution

It would seem that only a cotton T-shirt, but the accuracy when sewing should be on top! Each seam is performed under quality control, goes straight and the thread does not try to puff and come off at the earliest opportunity. The patterns are strictly regulated, things exactly fit on the figure and do not strive to treacherously gather in awkward folds at the side seams. All allowances are calculated in millimeters! It is a careful approach to tailoring that determines the popularity and widespread hunt for discounts.

According to the rules of sewing, a deviation of not more than 0.3 mm is allowed! In handicrafts sewn by lay people, they can make up a centimeter.

Historical value

Armani is a brand with history. It is known all over the world and worn by popular people. Today, under this brand, leather goods, perfumes, watches and accessories are produced . The brand has long declared itself in luxury status. The talent of the creator is felt in every line of Armani's creations.

The success story has become an example for many people, talking about the talent that has made its way through perseverance.

Giorgio Armani was born in Italy in 1934. The young man studies medicine, but quickly realizes that this is not his life path. He goes to the army, and then works as a loader in a store. It was there that Giorgio was entrusted with window dressing, and he was fond of design, immersed in experiments with forms and color and creating the first models of clothes. Further, a talented fashion designer goes headlong into the world of fashion and works for Emanuel Ungaro, Nino Cerruti and other leaders of that time.

In the 70s there was a sharp revolution in life, to which his friend Sergio Galeotti, who later died from AIDS, pushed him. It was Galeotti who persuaded to go his own way and no longer be constrained by the corporate style of the employer. The very first presentation of classic men's suits with strict lines revolutionized the style. Then comes the women's collection of business suits that emphasize the dignity of the figure, and youth rulers for leisure and sports. Talent conquered the hearts of all and conquered the world!

Armani T-shirt demonstrates style, taste, status and quality. It cannot cost 1, 500 rubles. If in doubt, then check the seams - they first give out a fake. It is likely that you are trying to sell Armoni or Armeni instead of the real Armani.