Button skirt in front, pattern

Models of skirts of this style are fashionable for the last 2-3 years. They give the image of mystery, emphasize femininity. Moreover, the more buttons, the more extravagant the outfit is. You can sew a skirt with your own hands both mini and maxi. All options are interesting in their own way and look stylish. A skirt in this style looks better from denim. It holds its shape well and provides an optimal fit.

What it takes to sew a button skirt on the front

When choosing a fabric, you can take any, but not very stretching. If the material is stretch and light, the product will hang like a “rag”. While on idea she holds the form. Stretch fabrics are allowed only dense.

To sew a button skirt on the front you will need:

  • Any suitable fabric with the calculation - length + hem below + width of the belt and strap;
  • buttons of the desired diameter - 6-10 pieces;
  • threads in tone;
  • non-woven;
  • chalk pins;
  • ruler;
  • tailor's tool - pins, scissors, centimeter tape.

Important! Buttons for the product can be matched to the tone of the fabric, contrast buttons look more interesting. If you want to make, by analogy, designer denim skirts, you can give it to a shoe or sewing workshop to install special metal buttons on the machine. In this case, the exclusive is guaranteed.

How to build a pattern for a skirt with buttons on the front

The pattern looks like in the figure, however, you can cut directly on the fabric. Especially if the idea implies freedom of fitting, then all the undercuts will go into the assembly or pinches. The main feature of the cut that distinguishes this model from a classic skirt is a cut along the entire height in front and the presence of wide trims for sewing buttons.

Wide slats are needed in order to provide a wide overlap on each other without the formation of any gaps. This feature must be carefully monitored when calculating fabric and cut.

And so, by design features, the product is a trapezoidal cloth, with assembly at the waist level. To open the skirt, you need to fold the fabric in half and the front side inward, draw a line along the entire width, stepping back from the bottom 4-5 cm to the hem.

Put the necessary height of the product up. Now you can draw a second line parallel to the very first. It is very simple to give a trapezoid shape. On the top line, starting from the edge of the fabric, you need to retreat 6-7 cm. From the received point, draw down the connecting line, now the drawing on the fabric resembles a trapezoid. Cut the front part along the center line into two parts. It remains to carve 2 slats and a belt.

How to sew a button skirt in front

First of all, you need to prepare the belt and straps, gluing them with non-woven on the wrong side. First, connect the machine on the side seams, and then grind the two front parts with trims. Overcast seams on the overlock. Iron the seams of the strips from the inside out to the side of the product and sew on the front side with the finishing stitch. At this stage, you can process the hem. This is either a 2-fold addition with a cut inward, or an overlock treatment of the edge and a 3-4 cm hem.

After that, folds should be laid evenly along the waist line so that the width becomes equal to the waist circumference. Place the belt on the waist line, aligning the middle. Sew a line on a typewriter, backing 1 cm from the edge. Press the waist allowance. Next, bend the belt in half and iron again. Lock the belt over the entire width and sew with a finishing stitch. It remains the case for small - sweep the buttonhole on a typewriter and sew buttons. On a belt it is better to make two buttons nearby.