Business style of women's clothing: 7 myths

Business style in clothes always raises a lot of questions. The classical understanding of clothing is still undergoing changes with the development of fashion. In the office, many details became permissible, which 10-20 years ago were not even popular. Gradually, modern fashion translates clothes into business format, even if it is far from strict classical forms.

Debunking Myths

Myth 1: The ideal dress code for the office - white top, black bottom

Once the installation of “white top, black bottom” was the most common warning for new employees in large companies. But gradually everything changed, and the concept of business style and office dress code shifted towards muted, but far from black fabrics .

A white shirt has ceased to be an indispensable attribute of a successful manager. Now she was replaced by various shades of light and not only tones.

Of course, the combination of black and white would look elegant and businesslike in office clothes, but to argue that this is the only acceptable option for color combinations would be a mistake.

For more than a year, olive, beige, brown, sand, gray and blue shades can be found in design collections dedicated to office clothes.

Myth 2: The only option for the dress is the case

Sheath dress is far from the only option for women's clothing in which you can appear in the office . Now the mod offers a variety of models that may be appropriate when working. These are trapezoid dresses and models with a full skirt.

Important! The main condition is that such a dress should not have provocative cuts, a neckline or be on thin straps. Allowable lengths can start from 5 cm above the knee to the ankles.

It is important what such a dress is made of. The use of translucent fabrics, lace is not allowed. Also, too light and bright materials cannot be used. The main rule when choosing such an outfit for the office is relevance . Therefore, it is worth choosing it so that you feel harmonious in the environment.

Myth 3: Mandatory Pencil Skirt

This myth has long been outdated, as many other skirt options have appeared. For example, sun-flared skirts and bell-shaped skirts look good in the office . Such models ideally conceal wide hips. Do not constrain movements, and look very harmonious.

It is worth taking a look at such products from summer fabrics, as well as from fine wool . Models are appropriate in the office with a vest, a shortened jacket or cardigan.

Important! For the office, avoid transparent fabrics, materials that are too light, and try to wear lined skirts. This will improve their fit.

The length of the skirt should not be too short. But at the same time open knees are allowed.

Myth 4: There is no room for decorations in office style

The erroneous statement that it is forbidden to wear jewelry in the office . Yes, you should not wear too many shiny distracting details, but still you can safely combine office clothes with a pair of earrings, bracelets, rings.

In style, they should not be distracting, too artsy and massive. For the office, jewelry should be discreet to balance the severity of clothing and the woman’s desire to look spectacular.

If you are planning an important business meeting, it is recommended to wear a pair of jewelry and a watch . At the same time, jewelry should not be too distracting and must necessarily correspond to the style of clothing.

Myth 5: Red is not for office

Red color in the office is rather appropriate in accessories . Although more and more often you can see in women's clothing an abundance of red shades.

Even men's sweaters, ties, shirts are also represented in shades of red in some brands.

Red may also be muted or have a brown tint. In addition, red shades are added to the fabric to create a light pattern . For example, costume fabrics with a red pattern, barely noticeable, but at the same time giving a certain texture, have become popular among many German and English men's clothing designers.

Now some fashion houses offer completely red, burgundy and even saturated coral shades for trousers and jackets . Although this option is still a bit unusual for the office.

Myth 6: A shirt is an essential attribute of office clothing.

A shirt worn in an office was once an integral attribute of a business person. But for the winter season, you should consider the option of a turtleneck (tight knitwear, fine wool, cashmere), and in the summer you can wear a polo.

Important! Polo should be monophonic, without bright applications and sports symbols . It’s good to pick a lightweight cotton cardigan with polo.

Do not wear T-shirts in the office. Although some try to combine plain t-shirts and jackets, but still in the case of a classic cut jacket, it is better to choose a shirt for him.

Important! Despite the summer, you need to try to use bright colors only as accessories. And it is better to choose muffled to office clothes.

Myth 7: Friday Free Clothing Style

For many companies, Friday means an informal style of dress. It’s still not worth crossing the boundaries of what is permitted.

Important! It is permissible to change suit trousers to jeans (without holes, scuffs and cuts, normal length). You can exchange costume shoes for moccasins or sneakers in soft colors. Denim is allowed in shirts.

But in order to clearly grasp the permissible concessions on Friday, you should pay attention to the rules of the company.

Business style is, first of all, elegance and focus on communication with other people. It doesn't matter what the job is, but an external presentation at work is paramount. For both men and women, we recommend that you carefully read the rules of conduct and dress code in the company. And also take a closer look at the news of the season for business people.