Business dress code for women

Experts are sure that the appearance of employees has a decisive influence on the credibility of the company. And although there are strong trends in the world for democracy in clothes, the business dress code continues to hold its ground.

The main rules of the dress code for women

There are a number of indisputable rules for the female dress code, which despite the prevalence of free fashion trends, remain popular today.

Minimalism and practicality in clothes

The basis of the etiquette of a business suit for women is conservatism, rigor, elegance.

The generally accepted black is slowly losing ground and fading into the background.

In addition to such traditional tones as dark blue, gray, brown, it is now permissible to use fabrics of the colors of the sea wave, olive, terracotta, Paris blue (blue-violet), burgundy, bottle, carrot, beetroot shades in a woman’s business suit.

Important! Female business etiquette does not tolerate excessive sexuality. Categorical no light yellow, pink, red, blue tones.

In addition to business classics, women can wear suits and other styles dictated by fashion, but in strict accordance with the official ones. No sporting style!

Despite the fact that the choice of color and fabric should be according to the season : spring-summer - light cotton fabric, autumn-winter - wool in dark colors.

Non-defiant business suit

The dress code for women includes a single or double-breasted jacket of English cut complete with a straight skirt on the lining, slightly narrowed down, with a small cut (up to 10 cm). At the same time, you should not overdo it with the length of the upper part of the suit. So that a woman does not have to constantly pull on her skirt, a two-centimeter wide margin should be in the hips.

A dress-suit will look good on a business woman. In addition, classic trousers, slightly narrowed at the bottom, will be a good addition to the jacket.

The following gradation of skirts is allowed in length:

  • to the level of the knees;
  • along the knees;
  • to the middle part of the calf (ideal: 10-15 cm below the knees).

Important! It is not allowed to wear mini-skirts so as not to look too defiant.

Bright blouse - Moveton

Blouses and shirts also have a number of requirements:

  • they should not be bright and have a deep cut;

On a note! It’s bad taste to come to a business meeting with partners in a bright red shirt or in a blouse darker in color than a suit.

  • negotiations should be carried out in a white shirt with a long sleeve;
  • a short-sleeved blouse is unacceptable in business circles, because associated with neglect of partners;
  • for a suit made of one-colored fabric, striped blouses, as well as from checkered fabrics and polka dots, are suitable;
  • preference should be given to a classic cut, including an English collar or a “stand” with a neat bow.

Advice! For suits without a blouse, jackets with high fasteners are sewn.

The casual option allows you to wear shirts of various colors. It is suitable with a thin strip or a cage in harmony with the fabric of the suit.

Important details

An important component of a women's business suit is buttons . The material of their manufacture must be natural, for example, ivory. Otherwise, they should be covered with fabric or leather.

It does not contradict etiquette and costume decoration with buttons of bright colors such as clips, covered with gilding or silver.

Important! The main thing is that the buttons are in harmony with the color and texture of the fabric, as well as the style of the costume itself.

Consistently high demands are placed on all accessories: bags, belts, scarves.

It is forbidden to wear belts of gold and silver tones. Wear skin so as not to distract the attention of the interlocutors.

In the business class, small earrings, pearl threads, and watches are quoted.

The best choice is a set of jewelry or an impeccable combination of stones and precious metals.

It is fully allowed to wear silver, gold, pearl brooches, as well as on the basis of ivory.

Advice! In order not to spoil your business reputation, completely exclude cheap jewelry, especially massive bracelets and rings.

Suit compliance with reception format

Among the well-known formats of business receptions:

  • day: dress code is fully consistent with everyday life;

  • “Cocktail” and “glass of champagne” : elegant clothes + bright jewelry;
  • evening: it is recommended to pay attention to the information on the invitation card. If you are asked to come in an evening dress, then the most suitable variant of matter: satin, velvet, lace, brocade, fabric with lurex.

The basis of the women's wardrobe of the business dress code

For women’s business wardrobe, the basis is the suit of the classic model: jacket + skirt, or jacket + pants.

Depending on the type of activity, discreet, calm colors and combinations should be worn . In the cold season, it is preferable to dark blue, brown, gray, in summer - beige and other bed shades. For a change, you can use a small-sized cage, a sophisticated strip, a Christmas tree, and even a chicken foot.

Advice! You cannot wear the same clothes for two days in a row. To match - select additional elements of the top and bottom of different shades.

Business taboos

Try to avoid short and tight - the ideal length of skirts and dresses - to the middle of the knees.

A business wardrobe necessarily includes tights or stockings, because bare feet in this case are the top of indecency. Even in summer, you should wear a "mesh" of skin tones.

It is absolutely unacceptable to wear blouses made of transparent fabric with a deep neckline on the straps, a model of a shortened type or with a low waist.

On a note! The prospect of staying in a large company is directly proportional to the area of ​​the naked body.

Accessories and decorations for office

Do not get too carried away, increasing their number. Stylists recommend limiting themselves to three accessories at the same time, taking into account the hours. A good revival of a business image will be a bright handbag, an elegant neck scarf or a contrast belt.


The only correct option is the classic “boats” with a heel of 3-5 cm. In summer, fabric models are convenient either ordinary ones with wicker trim or perforated.

Appearance requirements

Female business image involves grooming hair, hands and face.

Long hair below the shoulders does not tolerate promiscuity - smooth it in the tail or collect in a bun. While haircuts, on the contrary, do not like excessive smoothness.

Makeup solutions should be calm, hiding skin defects.

Hands are a vivid indicator of age and occupied social level. Therefore, special attention should be paid to skin and nail care.

Thus, a business dress code helps women make the right impression and serves to emphasize respect for their colleagues and business partners . If you look like an elegant and confident business lady, then you will undoubtedly have attractive prospects and new opportunities.