Budenovka pattern

Budenovka is primarily associated with the clothes of the men of the Red Army. This hat can be presented as a gift or souvenir with an emphasis on history for the elderly. Young people use these elements in the style of military. Also, the pattern can be used when sewing carnival costumes. There is a hero with whom many children are introduced - Malchish-Kibalchish. As a result, many are looking for where to buy such a hat, they do not always find it, so one option remains - to sew a do-it-yourself buddy.

How to make a budenovka pattern yourself in full size

Budenovka consists of a visor, a base of wedges, a head. The hat is decorated with a symbolic red star with a white clip on the front of the product. Buttons are sewn over the ears so that the lapels do not interfere.

If you look at the pattern, then there is nothing difficult to independently do by analogy a full-size pattern on a sheet of paper. The very first thing you need to build on is the size of the head circumference. Then this value was divided by the number of wedges, so it was possible to find out how many centimeters are needed on the basis of one wedge. The visor and head cap will also not cause difficulty to build a pattern on paper, repeating the lines from the diagram.

Important! If difficulties arise with construction, you can always enlarge the drawing on the computer to the size of the original and translate it by attaching a sheet of paper to the monitor.

Although the height of the budenovka is unchanged, for clarification, you can measure the distance from the eyebrows to the crown, then add 5 cm to this point at the pointed tip. The picture shows an example of a pattern of 56 sizes, in the final form the volume of the headgear will be 57.5 cm. Even if the size of the pattern needs to be changed, the construction principle is preserved. Pattern lining fully repeats the main product.

How to sew a do-it-yourself bud

To choose a fabric, it is not necessary to carefully find fault with the fabric and look for felt, as was the case with the original. It is important to find a fabric of the right color - military or tourist colors, from gray-green to dark green. If the fabric will be shine or overflow, even this nuance can make the product with a certain stylization and give it a twist.

If you want to sew a hat from cloth, then you need to make wider allowances for processing edges when cutting. You can choose felt if there is a task to repeat the original as much as possible. In all other cases, you can use a variety of fabrics.

Important! If the fabric is loose, then you need to glue all parts after cutting with doubler. This is necessary in order for the product to keep its shape, because the cap has a height.

To make a budenovka you will need:

  • A piece of fabric, enough and 0.5 meters with a width of 1.5 m;
  • If the idea is to provide a lining, then the lining fabric is the same as the main one;
  • Tailor pins;
  • Crayon or bar of soap;
  • Buttons
  • Threads in tone of fabric;
  • Scissors;
  • Doublerin if the fabric is thin.

Manufacture. Transfer all the details of the pattern to the fabric, circle with chalk, taking into account the allowances of 1.5 cm. The edges of all the cut out details must be processed on the overlock or using a zig-zag stitch on a sewing machine. Although technologically this is not necessary, because there will be a lining, but this will allow for additional rigidity, to make the product more neat.

The first to sew the wedges of the front and back, and then connect to the side parts.

Important! In order for the product to look neat in the end, you must not forget about thoroughly ironing all the stitched parts. This applies to the main pattern, and lining.

If desired, you can insert tip plastic onto the top of the cap, which will make it possible to bring the product as close as possible to the original. At this point, the stitched wedges must be connected to the lining. Lining wedges are sewn without seam processing. Connect the wrong side of the product and the wrong side of the lining. Chopped across the entire surface with tailor pins or sweep. Now you need to go to the visor and the lower part of the budenovka.

Although the visor in the original budenovka was made only of fabric, nothing prevents it from being made more rigid by inserting a dense material, for example, cardboard, between the fabric and the lining. The visor must be quilted so that all three layers are joined together. After the details of the visor and head cover are ready, they need to be inserted between the main and the lining part of the cap, swept around the entire circumference of the lower part of the budenovka. And only then stitch on a typewriter, connecting all three parts. In the last turn, 1-2 buttonhole loops are made on the head parts.

What can be added to the budenovka

To make the budenovka stylish and attract attention, there is not much to experiment with the decor here, so all the emphasis is on the finish and small details. The only element of the decor is the red star, but it can be made, or you can refrain, it depends on the idea.

Important! If the star is planned, it is sewn at the junction of the front wedges. You need to sew on the smallest line of a zig-zag.

Here are a few more options on how to make budenovka more interesting:

  • It is better to try to find metal buttons of bronze color;
  • The edging around the entire perimeter of the head of the red band looks very beautiful, which harmoniously combines with the sewn star;
  • At the stage of sewing on wedges, it is also possible to finish with red threads of all the connecting seams.

If you follow all of the above recommendations, you can get an original military-style product or a wonderful souvenir gift for acquaintances of foreigners.