Brother to brother: Adidas or Puma

Perhaps the most famous confrontation in the fashion industry is the fight for the buyer of two world leaders: Puma and Adidas. The story of the confrontation between the Dassler brothers began so long ago that it was overgrown with legends and speculation.

Brothers or enemies?

The poor German shoe maker had two sons: the eldest named Rudolph and the youngest Adolf. They were fond of sports and were constantly in a state of rivalry. The first in the footsteps of his father went to Adolf, later Rudolph came into the business, who turned out to be an excellent seller. Their company was called the Dassler Brothers, and by 1936 it had earned worldwide recognition. This was facilitated by the fascist party, which, through a passion for sports, attracted young people to its ranks. In the future, both greatly regretted their cooperation with the Nazis.

During the Second World War, the factory switched to the production of military shoes, and Rudolph, according to rumors, even served in the Gestapo.

The rivalry reached its climax in 1948 when their father died. Then the factory was divided into two, dividing employees into two warring headquarters. Both called the company by their own names, only Rudolph changed the inconsistent name of Ruda in Puma. Fierce rivalry gave an incentive to make shoes with excellent characteristics, which helped to win more than one world champion.


It was shoes with spikes that gave a powerful start to the company. At the 1952 Olympics in Helsinki, most athletes performed in Adidas. But Adolf loved football the most and bet on it. The entire German national football team was in his shoes, and advertising was placed around the football fields, attracting fans to his side.

That is why the advertisement became so scandalous, where Pele bends to tie a lace, and the camera captures the inscription “Puma”. The elder brother intentionally hit a sore spot.

Adidas has steadily developed, becoming a sponsor of the Olympic Games. She became a symbol of football and an era. In May 2006, a bronze monument to Adolf Dassler was opened in Herzogenaurach, which is depicted sitting in the second row of the stadium.


Rudolph immediately after creating his own factory launched Atom football boots, which was preferred by several players of the national team. The puma jump logo brings sporting luck to the world championships; Puma athletes in Mexico brought 4 Olympic gold medals! This is the perfect ad!

In 1960, an innovation appeared - vulcanization, using this method they connect the sole to the top, reaching incredible heights in wear. Then the company introduces another know-how - convenient Velcro instead of boring shoelaces.

Rudolph is constantly expanding the scope of use of his shoes, capturing as many sports as possible, acting clearly in defiance of his brother. Since 1975, Puma begins to fully equip athletes by launching a line of sportswear.

Who will win?

They did not communicate until the end of their days. Rudolph died at the age of 76 of lung cancer, Adolf survived it only 4 years ... They are buried at different ends of the cemetery. After death, families continued the struggle, but the descendants turned out to be shortsighted managers and eventually sold the company for practically nothing. Now companies are secretly continuing the rivalry under loud signs, but their owners, who are no longer involved in the Dassler’s family feuds, are making huge profits on sportswear.

Yes, their story is so amazing and confusing that it inspired the creation of a film called “Duel of the Brothers. The story of Adidas and Puma. " It is unfortunate that two talented people in their own way could not find a common language. But they gave the world truly legendary shoes.