Brogues and oxfords, what's the difference

Classic models of men's shoes say a lot about the representative of the strong half of humanity. Unlike in recent times, when shoes for a suit were made like a carbon paper and were boring and often uncomfortable shoes, today a large variety of models are presented in shoe stores. They allow you to create original images, remaining within the framework of the classic men's suit corresponding to the dress code.

The difference between oxfords and brogues

To many ordinary buyers, these two types of shoes for men may seem exactly the same. But this is not so. They have a number of differences, perhaps not noticeable to the inexperienced eye at first glance.

Undoubtedly, they have common features. So, for example, oxfords and brogues are representatives of the classic English style, therefore they are distinguished by strict elegance and seasoned style. Originally exclusively men's shoes, today migrated and firmly rooted in women's wardrobes. However, for women, much more variations of styles and colors are created.

The main differences of the boots are:

  • development history;
  • top design;
  • type of lacing;
  • stylistic decisions.

Oxfords have always been the property of the aristocracy, while brogues are a modernization of peasant galoshes. Brogues are necessarily decorated with perforations, while oxfords are characterized by the absolute smoothness of genuine leather or suede. Aristocratic boots necessarily have a closed type of lacing and are used mainly to complement evening classic dresses.

What is brushing

As already mentioned, brogues have perforation on the upper part of the boot. A similar design can be done on other types of men's and women's shoes. This procedure of punching holes in the material of the shoe is called brogering.

Important! The main function of fermentation is to create drainage holes so that moisture does not remain inside the boot and the leg freely breathes.

This is a distinctive feature of men's brogue boots, but in fact, it is just a stylistic design, a decoration that adorns boots made of genuine leather. The shoe model is still classic.

What do brogues look like?

Brogues are classic low shoes made of suede or genuine leather, which are decorated with patterns of holes on the outside of the shoe. Since over time, the perforation began to be exclusively decorative in nature, several varieties of this type of boots were distinguished:

  • full (having perforation over the entire surface of the outside);
  • demigods (punctures are available only on the detachable toe of the boot and are formed into a beautiful pattern);
  • quarter (holes are present only along the seam line).

Important! Today, the functionality of punctures on the canvas of the material of the shoes has come to naught. They are made exclusively for decoration and style maintenance.

What do oxfords look like

These shoes embody the classics. They represent low shoes with classic outlines and hidden lacing. Strict, elegant and most restrained. Hidden shoelaces are their unique feature. The main colors are black and brown from matte genuine leather or suede. For gala evenings, varnish shoes are produced.

They are perfect for classic business suits, dress coats and tuxedos. The man in them looks stylish and confident. The main thing is to know the basic rules of combination and choose wardrobe items in accordance with the stylistic decisions of the image.

Important! Lacquered oxfords are suitable exclusively for gala evenings, providing for the appearance of a man in a tailcoat. With other costumes, these shoes do not wear.

The obvious difference between the models

Classic shoes look almost the same, at first glance, for a person who is ignorant of the fashion world. However, this feeling is misleading. Oxfords and brogues have a number of obvious differences and their own characteristics. So brogues are always made with decorative perforation in different places of the boot, and oxfords are necessarily equipped with hidden lacing.