Brigitte Bardot's own style rules

The name Brigitte Bardot became a symbol of the 60s of the XX century. The French actress captivated the audience with style, femininity and sexuality. Love for hats, short dresses, a bikini could shock, but did not leave anyone indifferent. Brigitte not only became a trendsetter, she inspired millions of women in fashion and style. Until now, her name and style are exciting and fascinating.

Bardot proved to the whole world that the creation of stylish images is a complex multifaceted process that sets the tone and mood. The correct appearance can emphasize the strengths of the personality and hide the weaknesses, increase self-esteem, attract admiring glances and help achieve goals.

They say that history is cyclical. The same can be said about fashion. The images of the past era again inspire stylists and fashion designers, and the names of famous actresses of the XX century sound again and again. Brigitte Bardot is a woman who “blew up” her time and still remains an icon of style.

The main secret of Brigitte Bardot

The Frenchwoman admitted that a chance meeting with Marilyn Monroe in the evening turned her eyes on the style. She was so struck by the outfit, beauty and naturalness that the image did not go out of her head for a long time. Brigitte made it a rule to combine simplicity and uniqueness. These principles have become decisive in the embodiment of her images.

Bardo is undoubtedly a beauty, but she worked hard on her appearance. Even as a teenager, she walked around the house with a glass of water on her head. Hard training made the girl’s posture perfect.

Reference! Thanks to her, horse tail and babette hairstyles became fashionable. Brigitte connected her image with blond hair, parting and bangs, and this made her recognizable around the world.

The hairstyle has always been in harmony with the eyes, skillfully highlighted by black, and delicate pink lips.

The Frenchwoman paid much attention to the figure. She adhered to a strict diet and excluded meat from her diet. But she did this not only out of a desire to achieve an ideal figure, but also for the protection of animal rights.

Business card Brigitte

The Frenchwoman managed to find her own style, and this distinguished her from the others. Clothing might seem simple at first glance: jeans, skirts, sweaters, but elegance and beauty were hidden behind the apparent simplicity. Bardo knew what her strengths were, and skillfully emphasized them .

She highlighted a thin waist and showed graceful legs. She emphasized the expressiveness of the eyes and the tenderness of the lips. Her main secret was the ability to find herself . The actress managed to develop her own style, followed by millions of women, because she did not copy, but created her own.

Brigitte Bardot's Little Secrets


Brigitte did not pursue wealth or luxury in clothing. Most of her wardrobe is simple, practical things: jeans, shirts, tops - but she skillfully combined them with each other, added accessories and got a chic look.

This can be called her greatest skill: to combine simple things into a chic memorable image.

Low shoulders

One of the techniques that add femininity and seductiveness, in the arsenal of the actress, are lowered shoulders. They were in harmony with fluffy skirts or cropped trousers . The image was fresh, stylish and suitable for any occasion.

Wide-brimmed hats

Hats can be called one of the favorite things in the wardrobe of the beauty. It had berets, headbands, felt and straw hats. But the main love was wide-brimmed hats .

She wore them literally with all the outfits. Hats have become an original touch complementing her images.

High-heeled shoes and ballet shoes

Bardot called black high-heeled shoes indispensable in a woman’s wardrobe, but she herself more often appeared in men's style shoes, which she combined with jeans, or in ballet shoes and a dress.

Reference! Ballet shoes appeared precisely thanks to Brigitte Bardot . She personally asked one of the fashion houses to develop shoes for her resembling pointe shoes of ballerinas.

Cocktail Dress

The beauty chose dresses that emphasized her chiseled figure. They could be of various lengths: mini or midi . They were complemented by high-heeled shoes or elegant sandals.

Tops, blouses

Thanks to Bardot, bikini swimwear came into use . It was she who first appeared in public in such a bathing suit. However, thanks to the actress, more closed things came into fashion, which, nevertheless, emphasized femininity and defenselessness: shirts, turtlenecks.

The Frenchwoman often wore tight outfits, but did not always wear underwear.

Bardo adored the cage and peas . Things with such prints can be found in many of her images.


Brigitte preferred bikini swimwear, taking seductive poses in them. In films, she was often shot on yachts.

Trousers and jeans

Thanks to the French actress, fashion houses have included high-waisted jeans named after her in their clothing lines. Brigitte preferred to wear them with a shirt on her naked body and ballet shoes.

In addition, Bardot made trendy straight ankle-length trousers . In combination with a white top on thin straps and ballet flats, they looked elegant but sexy.

Brigitte also adored polka dots, and thanks to her, a plaid skirt, polka dots and pants ankle-deep with the same print were spread.

Skirts and dresses "ballerina"

Fluffy skirts below the knee reflected the energy of a beautiful French woman. They were complemented by wide belts, emphasizing the waist, boats that reveal the beauty of the ankles, or sandals. Together with the ballet shoes introduced by the actress into fashion, a light soaring image resembling a ballerina was obtained.

Mini clothes

Brigitte paid much attention to short things: shorts, skirts, overalls . With any shoes, including boots, they looked great.

For life, the actress has kept an elegant figure and for many years chose a mini.

The images of Brigitte Bardot have become a real style that has been trying to imitate for more than a dozen years. It still does not lose its relevance and inspires designers around the world. Simplicity, femininity and elegance - these are its basic principles. The Frenchwoman beautifully embodied them in life, and millions of women repeated the same thing after her. And they are still repeating.