Bright costumes of stars at the opening of the New Wave 2019 contest in Sochi

For the fifth time the festival has been held in the southern city of Sochi. Igor Krutoy announced at the conference that they would never return to Jurmala.

Vivid images of the “New Wave” 2019 in Sochi

The whole family arrived: Igor Krutoy, Philip Kirkorov and Anna Netrebko with her husband Eyvazov and son.

All experts noted that the main “feature” of this festival was the incredibly spectacularly staged rooms with graphic elements.

The discovery was bright: Dimash Kudaibergen in a white costume with a choir of children looked organically.

The mesmerizing counter-tenor of a young singer from Kazakhstan with a rare range left no one indifferent.

F. Kirkorov

Continued Philip Kirkorov in a luxurious "star" blue suit with purple humanoids.

But later he changed the “stars” to ripped white jeans, a black T-shirt with an incomprehensible inscription on his boots.

On the red carpet appeared all in total black, on the sleeves - embroidery, and on the head - a cylinder!


Already not young Glucose decided to become a “sex bomb”. She posed in an outfit that looked more like a homemade silk robe. Of course, while demonstrating stockings and black underwear.

Natalia Oreiro

The Argentine singer also decided to bare. First, Oreiro posed for reporters in a scarlet dress with a deep neckline.

But the singing has already left in a swimsuit with a transparent skirt on the smell and a “strap” over the shoulder, apparently so that it does not fall. Even the knee-high boots were also transparent.

The third outfit was a shiny short striped suit and a cage of bright colors. In combination with blue golf, the image of a hooligan girl was created. Although, according to the stories of the singer herself, she has been like this all her life, although she is already 42 years old.


The singer chose an image in the style of an erotic western with pistols. A transparent outfit with incredibly large sleeves-lanterns, a hat with large brim and small glasses is a completely new image.

Nikolay Baskov

He always amazes with outfits, this time he was apparently inspired by the cartoon The Little Mermaid. He sang, flirting with a virtual mermaid.

Another black and white suit seemed to be made from newspapers - a creative new approach. Even the sneakers are black and white.

On the red carpet was the “sea king” in a bright blue jacket in a nautical theme (anchors, birds, etc.), in his hands held a seahorse.

Sergey Lazarev

He went on stage in a gray suit, where he combined classic and sporty styles. Sports shoes and a white collar with inscriptions enlivened a vivid image.

The discovery turned out to be bright, and the stars showed their outfits, although not everyone succeeded.