A bride weighing 165 kg married naked in front of 700 guests

Like all brides, 31-year-old Australian resident Monique Penberti wanted to look spectacular at her wedding. With an impressive weight of 165 kg, choosing a suitable dress is not easy . As a result, the bride decides on a "naked" ceremony.

Wedding Planning and Cancellation

The girl carefully treated the wedding preparations. For two months, she was looking for a suitable ivory dress with a full skirt. However, a sudden illness broke all plans. Doctors diagnosed Monique with a rare infectious disease - necrotic fasciitis. Living bacteria, while in the human body, literally corrode it from the inside.

Monique did not know if she could survive. Naturally, the wedding and the pre-order for the wedding dress were canceled. After all this, the bride was so upset that she fell into a coma.

Naked Wedding

After the girl was literally dragged from the other world and she came to her senses a month later, the young people still wanted to go down the aisle and do it as quickly as possible. This time, with the search for the outfit, the bride decided not to bother.

She invited her chosen one to marry naked. The groom, Rowan, 27, was absolutely not opposed to this turn of events. Despite all the vicissitudes of fate, the young still got married.

Important! Only a veil and a necklace were worn on the bride, and a hat and a butterfly adorned the groom.

A wedding ceremony was held in the suburbs, in the open air. A hippie festival was taking place there at that time. About 100 guests were invited, and another 600 came uninvited, out of curiosity. Some guests, out of solidarity with the bride and groom, also decided to undress, but there were few of them.

On the whole, the gathered were friendly, and the wedding was peaceful . And the young ones once again proved that true obstacles are no obstacles to true love.