The bride has been waiting for her dress for a year. What kind of masterpiece is this?

Girls from youth dream of a beautiful wedding. One of the main desires is to get married in the most chic dress that will remain in memory for a lifetime. With age, priorities change, dreams of dress fade into the background, and the desire for a long and successful family life comes to the fore. However, not all.

The story of Lebanese Dana Wally Zayat stirred up social networks. The girl all her life dreamed of looking at her own wedding better than a fairy-tale princess or fairy. Her dream has come true for a whole year.

The story of the bride

When the beloved made an offer to Dana, the future bride was insanely happy. For a long time in her head she had a picture of an ideal wedding image in which she would like to enter into a married life. With these thoughts, the girl went to the bridal salon, where the first failure was waiting for her: not a single dress matched her criteria.

This was followed by a series of trips to all kinds of shops, salons with evening and wedding dresses. Catalogs with dresses, countless pages in online stores ... Nothing suited Dana. All options were devoid of originality and uniqueness, details on one dress were repeated on the next ...

The bride was already desperate, but suddenly a saving thought came to her mind: she must bring her idea to life on her own!

One Year Dream Dress

Sewing a gorgeous dress on your own is not so fast. Dana armed herself with paper and pencils and began to draw a sketch. All the ideas were in her head, and she boldly depicted them on paper. The dress she conceived had a long train, open shoulders and countless sparkles . The bride’s head must have been decorated with a diadem and a long translucent veil.

But it is one thing to draw, and another - on the basis of a sketch to make the outfit a reality. Then the bride turned to the Eposa model group for help, and real professionals agreed to sew a dress for her according to an individual sketch.

Exactly one year has passed from the beginning of the search for the outfit to the moment when the last strass was sewn. Gradually, Dana's many-year-old dream turned from dust into reality. Despite the long production time of the masterpiece (with rhinestones alone the dress was embroidered for more than two months), the girl was in seventh heaven.

At her wedding, Dana Wally Zayat looked like a princess from a fairy tale. Not a single guest, much less a groom, could take his eyes off her. On social networks, after that, many more users left comments about the extraordinary beauty of the bride’s outfit.