The bride got married in a dress weighing 63 kilograms

Many girls dream of becoming princesses, and since childhood have been dreaming of a magnificent wedding. Interestingly, with age, the tastes of some brides do not change at all.

Weight and cost of a gypsy bride's wedding dress

British Rebecca Markham at the age of 39 fulfilled her childhood fantasies and appeared at her wedding in front of the guests in an incredible dress for $ 8, 700. A huge skirt of almost square shape, supported by eight rings and strewn with crystals of the Swarovski brand, literally did not fit in the aisle between the benches in the church, so the girl hardly managed to get to the altar.

But this is far from all misadventures: the dress weighed 63 kg, which is only slightly less than Rebecca's own weight . How the bride withstood the whole event in it and even managed to perform the first dance with the groom, remains a mystery. By the way, the bridesmaids were dressed in small copies of this outfit with fluffy skirts of bright pink color.

How gypsies have been preparing for a wedding since childhood

In gypsy families, women do not work and do not differ in big ambitions in the field of career - this is a well-known fact. Literally from the cradle, the girls are told that their main purpose is to be a good wife and mother. Therefore, a wedding for a gypsy girl is almost the main event in life . They do not save on it and always prepare in advance, thinking through all the little things, and trying to make the celebration unforgettable.

However, even despite these customs, the appearance of Rebecca Markham was deeply embedded in the memory of the guests and was able to attract the attention of journalists.

Dress, earrings, necklace and tiara of the bride

Yes, yes, one dress-cake to the girl seemed not enough to create the image of a real princess. To shine in the literal sense of the word, the mother of three children did not ignore accessories.

Earrings and a necklace literally shone in the sun, and the real tiara accurately indicated who the main heroine of the holiday was. The bridesmaids also did not stand aside, neat tiaras flaunted on their heads .

Later, Rebecca said: in order to fully put on all this splendor, it took her more than 20 minutes! And then moving around without assistants was quite difficult, so the girl was constantly accompanied.

So in pursuit of the individuality of the wedding, newlyweds more and more surprise their guests. Meanwhile, the debate about whether the triumph of the money spent on it is worth continuing. Everyone remains with his opinion. But maybe this is for the better?