Bra wearing mistakes that look sad

Bra is a necessary element of ladies' wardrobe. It allows you to keep your chest healthy and beautiful throughout your life, give it a perfect shape and even visually enlarge under clothes. You just need to be able to pick it up.

How to understand that the bra is "wrong"?

There are several rules, compliance with which will make it possible to choose a convenient, practical and safe model.

The straps should not dig into the shoulders

If, as a result of wearing a bra, there is discomfort in the shoulder, numbness of the palms and fingertips, the reason for this may be too short straps. Ideally, they should account for only 1/10 of the weight of the breast.

Otherwise, the straps cut into the shoulders, squeeze the soft tissues, compress the vessels and nerve endings, while traces and redness remain on the shoulders. If you ignore this problem, very soon you can get osteochondrosis of the cervical spine, poor posture, neurosis .

Straps must be tight and not peek

Each woman is folded in her own way. Therefore, the straps of the same bra for some will be long, for others - short, for others - optimal.

In most models, the length of the straps is adjustable within certain limits: they can be tightened or loosened using the clips located on them. They should not be too tight and not too loose . Falling straps are also bad: the chest loses support, sags and loses shape. In addition, “peeping” straps from under the outfit will spoil the image, giving the impression of untidiness.

Cups should be sized

They should maximize the size of the female bust . Too small cups and crashing bones can lead to stagnation of blood and lymph, deformation of the mammary glands, seals and oncology. Breasts that do not fit in the bra and protrude beyond the cups are gathered in the folds at the top, or can simply “fall out” at the most inopportune moment.

Important! There should not be free space inside, otherwise the chest will “hang out”, and when moving under clothes, ugly assemblies or creases will form.

Nipples should not be visible

An open demonstration of sexuality in the form of nipples sticking out from under the clothes is not welcomed in society. This will look out of place in the office, and on a walk, and on a festive evening. The exception is a romantic date in an intimate setting. In addition, the skin of the chest, especially the nipples, is very delicate. Unprotected, it is easily injured under the influence of external factors (friction, shock).

The belt should be comfortable

90% of the total load "lies" on this part, so its fabric should be fairly dense. When trying on, you need to pay attention to an even fit: the belt should be located at the level of the middle of the forearm - between the top of the shoulder and the elbow . It is impossible that he:

  • he pulled himself up on his back;
  • stinging or sagging.

Important! When trying on, fasten it to the extreme hooks. In the process of use, it will stretch a little, then the remaining fasteners will be needed.

When is the color of clothes, and when is contrast possible?

In the closet of a woman there are outfits of different colors. For underwear, the most popular are white, beige and black. The bra should ideally match the color of the clothes .

White and black lingerie is best worn with things of the same color or worn under non-translucent clothes . If the fabric is thin and transparent, it is better to wear a flesh-colored bra to match the skin tone. Patterned bras are worn under outfits of rich, vibrant, closer to dark colors.

When is the "impossible" push-up?

This model, which compensates for the lack of natural volumes, is preferred by women with small breasts. With the help of stiff bones and special inserts, both breasts are lifted and shifted to the center, forming a seductive neckline.

With all the external aesthetic advantages, there are a number of reasons why its use as underwear is contraindicated:

  • implanted pacemaker;
  • mastopathy, tumors (including benign);
  • hypertension.

Even in the absence of such health problems, wearing it is not always recommended, since the bust in it is in an unnatural position, can be deformed and lose its natural elasticity . The strapless variety is especially harmful - a balcony, where the entire load falls on a tight, sometimes very tight belt.

Important! You can wear this model under an evening dress with a large neckline for two to three hours, so as not to cause significant harm to health.

There are different styles of bras. Some are suitable for low-necked dresses, others - for sports, others are specially adapted for nursing mothers. In any case, this item of underwear should be comfortable, safe and suitable for the suit . A “right” bra will help create a beautiful base on which clothes will look great.