Bow in socks at night, healing ability

Everyone knows the expression "onion - from seven ailments." The experience gained by previous generations, argues that this vegetable can be used not only in the kitchen, in cooking. Its excellent bactericidal and antipyretic properties have long been used in home medicine. And it’s easy to use - put on socks! What will happen next? Tell you!

Bow makes healing socks

What is this plant fraught with in itself, the taste of which is familiar to everyone?

The healing power and effect of the onion

This plant promotes wound healing, heals scars. Therefore, therapeutic gruel for external use is made on its basis. But it is possible to use whole onion rings, which are applied to the feet.

It is no secret that there are about 7, 000 nerve endings on the sole of the legs.

Important! There is a Chinese theory that these points are connected with the internal organs of man. According to this version, the feet need to be stimulated.

It is very useful to walk barefoot on the ground or apply stimulants. And a bow for this purpose is perfect.

He will help in the following cases.

  • With the strengthening of the immune system .
  • Make up for the lack of vitamin C in the body.
  • There is enough chromium to regulate blood sugar .
  • Useful for stomach ulcers, as it protects against infection, bacteria and soothes inflammation.
  • Quercetin, part of the chemical composition of this vegetable, is capable of killing cancer cells .
  • When bitten by insects, in particular wasps and bees, will relieve pain .
  • Helps cleanse the blood of toxins .
  • It will perfectly support heart health, since in its raw form it reduces the production of bad cholesterol.

So, onions are very healthy. Now let's figure out how to use it in socks .

How to carry out the procedure

Chinese healers recommend such an application.

  • Cut the head with rings, put them in tight socks. Put them on so that the rings fit snugly against the feet .
  • Do the procedure in the evening and go to bed in these socks.

Reference! Exposure to the plant kills microbes and bacteria on the surface of the legs. And phosphoric acid released from onions penetrates the skin, enters the bloodstream and cleanses it.

In addition, volatile essential oils have antiviral and antibacterial properties . When released into the air, they contribute to the destruction of harmful microorganisms.

Who can sleep in medical socks

Treatment with onion socks will be useful to many people who do not have contraindications.

Before using traditional methods of treatment, do not be lazy and consult with a professional doctor.

Important! Onions contain irritating and highly active compounds, so it can bring both benefits and harm. Therefore, be careful and careful not to cause an allergic reaction and burns.

At the slightest discomfort and discomfort, stop using the procedure.

Who should not wear socks with a bow

You can not use this tool in such situations:

  • existing wounds and ulcers on the legs;
  • pregnancy
  • lactation and breastfeeding;
  • if you have a high fever;
  • with exacerbation of the pathology of the liver, kidneys, pancreas;
  • obstructive pulmonary disease;
  • persistent hypertension and other diseases of the cardiovascular system.

Using socks with a bow for children

In an adult, the skin on the feet is much denser than a small child. Therefore, the risk of chemical burns from this therapeutic agent in children is highest.

Attention! Kids under 5 years old can not put onions to their legs!

For children over the age of five, use more gentle plant varieties:

  • red;
  • shallot.

Before the first use, be sure to conduct a sensitivity test .

And be healthy!