Boots rub the heel what to do

Many buyers experience this problem after purchase. They measured it in the store, it seems that it doesn’t rub anything, but as soon as they decided to put it on the first exit from the house, they felt that they had rubbed the heel and possibly some toes. Any new shoes are almost always disposed to rubbing and moreover in a non-one-off form. Let's find out in detail why this is happening.

Possible reasons

  1. New shoes have not yet taken the correct shape of your feet. Over time, from prolonged wearing, the problem will disappear.
  2. Too harsh skin. In the store, boots are stored in boxes, but during long-term storage, the material tends to taper.
  3. Wrong boot size. Sometimes, the marking of shoes does not correspond to the size range. Try to try on a size larger, especially this is typical for winter shoes.
  4. The naturalness of the material. Has the ability to rub any part of the leg. Therefore, buy natural shoes that will last more than one season.
  5. Shoe defect. Perhaps the boots have a factory defect. But this fact can be identified when returning to the store and only after examination to find out the true reason, if it is not in the right amount.


  1. Return the boots to the store and choose another option. According to the rules of trade, you should have about 14 days to return your purchase, for a justifiable reason. Corns, this is a good reason. Therefore, everything should turn out without problems.

    ATTENTION: If at the moment there is no suitable product in stock, then you should return the amount spent indicated on the check.

  2. Use home methods.
  3. Take it to the workshop. An experienced wizard will be able to fix the problem.

Prevention, Elimination Tips

Before wearing new boots, stick a patch on the heels that will not allow you to damage the structure of the skin of the body. And try vilifying for 3 or four days until you feel maximum comfort.

Put bottles of boiling water in boots and leave for a couple of hours. Then put on and walk about 10 minutes in your own apartment. Then repeat the procedure. Attention: After 2 times of the procedure, any shoes have the property to stretch themselves.

Moisten the backs with 10 ml of alcohol or vodka. Then leave it for 1 hour, then put on thick, woolen socks and walk about 20 minutes. This method does an excellent job.

You can eliminate heel rubbing: If you know all the properties of this material of your boots. You can ask friends, acquaintances and, at worst, just make a request on the Internet. These three options can quickly fix the problem.