Booties for dolls with needles, diagrams and description

Girls have always liked dolls and beautiful things for them. For a real master, it’s no problem to tie a couple of things for dolls. Moreover, they will not need so much yarn. But how much delight the child will experience from a small, but still replenishing the wardrobe of his favorite toy. Further in the article there are immediately two beautiful models of booties specifically for the doll, as well as all the nuances for their manufacture.

What kind of yarn is suitable for booties for a doll?

Opinions can be shared, but those who, for the safety of their child’s games, are still inclined to believe that doll yarn, along with children's things, should be chosen from a hypoallergenic composition . It should be soft and beautiful, or such things just lie, along with other non-liked toys.

Knit booties for dolls with needles

The master first of all prepares everything necessary for work. Then there are the measuring steps. It is very important for a small product to perform a small sample in order to obtain a product that is exact in size.

No need to rush at any stage. The following are examples of two works that can be knitted for a doll with a detailed description.

Booties for dolls with lace and beads

A very cute model that is suitable for playing with a doll. But the master should sew the beads well. It starts from the sole, and in the work itself there is a little trick to get such a wonderful toe.

To work, apply:

  • children's yarn in two colors;
  • knitting needles;
  • mother of pearl beads;
  • ribbon 1 cm wide pink.


Measure the length and width of the pupa in the foot. Then measure the circumference for the elastic at the ankle site.

Important! You can attract your child to the measurement of the foot.


To calculate the loops, it is better to use a small canvas made according to the pattern of the wrong side . It is only necessary to tie a box, and measure with a ruler how many rows of 10 cm and the wrong side are contained in 10 cm. Then use simple mathematical proportions, and calculate from them the desired number of loops and rows according to the model.


Stop helps to perform not only the measurement that the master has previously created. A special scheme for the foot also helps . Knit should be a foot garter stitch . Since this knitting is very thick compared to other canvas patterns that will be used in this model.


For the sides, use not the garter stitch, but the wrong side. First, simply dial the loops along the edge of the canvas and knit without changing the number of loops, knit 3 rows. Knit in circular rows, and that is why stocking needles will be needed in the work. Then add a few loops at the corners of the toe to get a small volume for the toe. Herein lies the little secret of such an unusual toe in shape.

Scheme, pattern design purl smooth surface with knitting needles


To get a toe, it will be necessary to knit the middle part along the width of the toe (it is usually less than a couple cm of the width of the sole). Knit, and grab a loop on each side. So tie to the middle of the sole.

Front surface


Combine all the loops, and perform the elastic in the work according to the scheme of the wrong side, but knit very tightly. Knit to the required length.


These wonderful socks for the doll will be decorated with shells from the hook .

Also for decoration use two flowers according to the above diagram .


Perform such decorations according to the given schemes for work. Insert the rubber band and sew the beads in the necessary places and the product can be tried on.

Booties for dolls with butterflies

These very gentle booties with bright butterflies will please the master, and the child will like. The legs of the doll will be just perfect in such new products.

To work, use:

  • yarn of a gentle shade for the warp and multi-colored vivid colors for the butterfly;
  • knitting needles and hook on the thickness of the thread.


Measure the width of the pupal foot and its length. Then calculate how many cm will have for the elastic for the size of the ankle.


Knit a small cloth along the main pattern, and then determine the density of knitting for it. Then count the loops and rows according to the required sizes, and you can get to work.


The foot of this model is knitted according to an approximate scheme, but small corrections in length and, accordingly, in the width of the pupal leg will be required.


Next, after knitting the foot with the help of the front surface, use a combination of paintings, and make a circular set along the edge of the trace . Make 4 rows of front surface, and then switch to the wrong surface .

Wrong surface


For the toe, you have to work with the front surface, and the reduction of the loops is done without a specific technique, so that there is simply an imperceptible reduction of the loops of 3-4 in each row.


for elastic use 1 * 1 elastic with knitting needles and knit more genuine.


A bow from a string of air loops and a bright butterfly crochet will decorate the work. Perform the butterfly strictly according to the provided crochet pattern.

Such a beauty can be made by a master for the best play of his child.