Bold image: 61-year-old Sharon Stone in a mesh dress

One of the fans of dresses in a net is the famous actress Sharon Stone, because translucent outfits emphasize her toned figure. It seems that the actress feels twenty years old and is not at all shy of her age - 61 years old.

Mesh Dresses - Sharon Stone's Favorite Looks

The star has never been shy of her body and loves to attract the attention of the press with her bright and stylish images. Many stylists consider the choice of such dresses to be a rather risky step.

With an illiterate approach, transparent clothing can look tasteless and even vulgar. However, Sharon skillfully selects accessories and looks impressive in such bows.

Outfit at a charity evening

For a charity evening at the Museum of Modern Art in Los Angeles, the actress chose this bold outfit. On the carpet before numerous journalists, Sharon appeared in a black mesh dress and stilettos sandals. Massive metal earrings, sunglasses and a knitted headdress were chosen as accessories.

Attention! Red lipstick was in perfect harmony with the clutch of the same color in the form of a book.

Similar images

In this outfit, a celebrity does not appear in public for the first time. The actress chose a transparent dress for an informal party after the Grammy. The event was organized by the leader of the Aerosmith group Stephen Tyler. The mesh from the Dior fashion house was worn over a black fitted bodysuit. Sharon shared her photo on social networks and instantly caused a real sensation among fans who wrote a lot of enthusiastic reviews.

The mesh dress is now in trend, and similar dresses can be seen on other celebrities. So, in a similar outfit, Charlize Theron appeared at a charity event in the framework of the Berlin Film Festival. Fashion critics immediately began to compare the images.

Many noted that Sharon Stone in the exact same dress looks no worse, although she is twenty years older than Charlize. However, the fact that the outfit was chosen immediately by two world celebrities almost simultaneously, speaks of the popularity of the style.

Important! Charlize Theron chose a long-sleeve bodysuit, and Sharon Stone chose a model with straps with a deep neckline.

At 61, the star of the “Basic Instinct” is still in demand in Hollywood and periodically tickles the nerves of its fans, appearing in bold outfits.