Boho style lovers: what and how to wear in the fall

What things do elegance associate with you? With strict blouses and skirts, the style of which has not changed much since your childhood? With a monochrome palette, at best, slightly diluted with shades of gray or beige? As for me, all this, of course, has a right to exist - but every day only go in such clothes? To work, to a meeting with friends, for an evening walk? No thanks! Fortunately, there is a way to look elegant and in more comfortable, fun, non-standard clothes. I'm talking about boho style.

Boho style features and fashion trends 2019

In summer, many people wear it with pleasure. Is it possible not to part with your favorite style in the fall? I must say right away: yes!

Distinctive style

  • At the heart of the outfit are things of free cut.
  • Products are made only of natural fabrics.
  • Only fabrics with natural shades are used.
  • The robe consists of a large number of layers peeking out from under each other.
  • Actively used ethnic or floral patterns, embroidery.

Good quality fabrics, a noble color palette, thoughtfulness of the image down to the smallest details - all this concerns the issue of elegance. And the combination of these moments with the decor, ethnic motifs, non-standard styles will not let you get bored.

Important! The boho style very successfully fits into the fashion trends of fall-2019, among which are layering, oversized volumes, ethnicity, floral print, etc.

How to make an autumn boho style look

What you need to keep in mind in order to create such an elegant and extraordinary image? What items of clothing should you choose, how to combine them with each other? Let's talk about everything in order.


To begin with, you should think about the first layer, so to speak, about the basis of the whole image. It can be a dress or skirt below the knee, sometimes straight cut pants or flared . Upward fit shirt, voluminous blouse, pullover.

Sometimes women create images in the style of boho and with tight things too. For example, they put on fashionable tight trousers now. But! In such a situation, fashionistas must build an image so that the fitting wardrobe item seems to recede into the background, serves as a backdrop for more expressive free robes .

Important! This fall, dark blue and dark green shades, beige, burnt umber color, print strip, and knitwear are especially relevant.

Of course, it is not necessary to focus on such outfits. But if you have a mustard-colored sweater lying around, it's time to get it.


After you have chosen the very dress that flows freely in soft waves (either a skirt and a blouse, or pants and a sweater), the time comes for the next step. The choice of outerwear. In the fall, in our harsh climate, you can’t do without it.

For September, a long loose cardigan to the knees or a poncho may be suitable. With the onset of cold weather, it is worth getting a coat, cloak, poncho or a particularly fashionable cape - a cape from the cabinet.


Shoes are also an important part of the look. In the fall of 2019, suede flats or leather shoes with wide stable heels are on the trend. Boots, ankle boots, boots - everything goes well with the boho style.


It is impossible to talk about the style of boho and not to touch on the topic of selection of accessories. They are very important in this case.

In the autumn, in the first place, of course, you should think about a hat and a scarf. Suitable for knitted voluminous berets, caps, socks, gathered pleats, woolen lace scarves, tied at the back.

Tip. Usually, a hat and a scarf are chosen a few tones darker than the main attire, but you can also experiment.

Another important question is which handbag is better to take in this case? A big bag in the tone of the shoe will look cool. For example, dark blue or brown.

Important! A variety of jewelry successfully fits into this style: from beads, wood, precious metals. The main thing is that they are large and fit well into the image.

But at fashion shows now you can often see a rather concise solution. One catchy pendant on a long chain or braided rope, sometimes framed by a single string of beads. And, actually, that's all. It looks very impressive, try it.

If you love boho, then this fall is a great occasion to show off your favorite things from your wardrobe. For other ladies, September, October and November 2019 are an opportunity to try out this style. And, quite possibly, falling in love with her forever.