Body and combi-stress: what is the difference? How to wear them correctly?

The world of fashion (especially women) is filled with secrets and riddles. He has his own special language, often incomprehensible to men. And what is a "body", "combidress"? Let's try to reveal this female secret. So…

What is a body?

Body - an element of women's clothing that covers the body, with a fastener for buttons, Velcro or hooks between the legs . The appearance of the body as a garment is associated with circus acrobatics. French gymnast Jules Leotard proposed a set for sports that consisted of T-shirts and panties, interconnected. The leotard named after him became the forerunner of the body.

Reference! Jules Leotard was the first air gymnast to fly from trapeze to trapeze. For the nineteenth century, his performances were unusual and courageous, they so impressed the public that the song “Brave Young Man on a Flying Trapeze” was written in his honor.

Leotard was not designed for daily wear, but inspired many designers to create original and sexy models for women's wardrobe. American designer Donna Karan added a clasp to the bottom of the body, which made it more comfortable for everyday wear. Now there are models for men, and in children's clothes, bodysuits are indispensable in terms of convenience and practicality.

How and with what do they wear body?

There are many options for this type of clothing:

  1. A body with a collar and long sleeves is very suitable for everyday wear - a body-turtleneck. It is combined with a skirt, trousers, jeans and shorts.
  2. Sleeveless patterns are often cocktail or evening. Lace bodysuit decorated with embroidery attracts the eye and gives it to the owner of sex appeal. Strapless options are available, with lacing on the front or back.
  3. Often, girls choose this item of clothing as a wedding accessory. Made of white satin or lace, it gives the bride’s image lightness and a sense of insecurity and chastity.
  4. Stretch models, decorated with lace inserts in the neckline, shoulders, tummy, in combination with coarse knitted blouses made of cotton or linen yarn, create a unique effect of combining incongruous and, undoubtedly, will not go unnoticed.
  5. The body in the form of pajamas is gradually coming into use. Made from knitwear or other elastic material, this option is comfortable and comfortable to wear.

When wearing a body, the question always arises: do I need to wear panties under it? Initially, it was envisaged that the body is an element of underwear, and therefore, nothing is required to be worn under it. However, this issue is not regulated anywhere, so each woman decides this issue in her own way, as she likes.

Summing up the above, we can conclude that the body is appropriate in any setting - at work, a relaxed meeting with friends, at a party, and even as an erotic element in an intimate setting.

But do not forget that this piece of clothing fits as much as possible and makes high demands on the figure.

Combinedress: what is this wardrobe item?

Made from a material with increased elasticity, the combi dress replaces the underwear, is a combination of a bra, panties and a T-shirt and fastens in the crotch area . This type of linen does not have hard elements. It fits the figure and partly its goal is correction of imperfections.

Usually, the combi-dress is made without special decorations, but from materials with increased strength. Smooth fabrics are used for its tailoring. The number of seams is minimal so that they do not "appear" through the clothes. The lower part of the combi dress is a pair of panties. This can be a thong, and a classic format, and shorts, and knickers.

The main function of the combined dress is to tighten the figure, smooth out excessive “folds”, maintain the bust in an elevated state and narrow the waist . Special sealed inserts in some models produce micromassage and even help speed up metabolic processes in the body. They also serve to prevent cellulite and support the spine to ensure perfect posture.

How and with what to combine it?

There are plenty of options for ensemble of combidress with other clothes. It can be combined with skirts, dresses, shorts, trousers, blouses, jeans, leggings. This is a universal type of clothing that will provide the perfect silhouette in any outfit.

What are the similarities and differences between body and combi-dress?

We can say that there are no special differences between body and combi-dress . They are distinguished by the fact that kombidress most often does not have sleeves and is still more used as underwear. No wonder ladies with curvaceous shapes prefer to wear it to hide the flaws of the figure. Body more often acts as a separate element of the outfit.