The best winter jacket - what is it? The "formula" of the perfect jacket

For a cold winter, you need a warm, high-quality jacket. Indeed, in such weather, it is far from always able to save a fur coat or sheepskin coat. However, having come to the store, the eyes begin to run up from a large assortment. How to choose the right option. What is her perfect jacket?

Material selection

Not only the appearance of the product, but also its strength and functionality will depend on the quality of the top material.


This is an artificial material commonly used in sports jackets. It has a bright color, increased resistance to temperature changes. The fabric does not absorb moisture and does not allow cold air, which is its advantage. It has one drawback - suitable for sports, lightweight styles of the product.


The material is made of synthetic fiber. It has a dense structure. The main advantage is increased wear resistance and quality. The disadvantages include impressive weight. It is usually used for the production of spring and winter products.


Cotton fabric is famous for its environmental friendliness and hypoallergenicity. The material retains heat well, however, it is able to pass moisture. Cotton is rarely used for sewing insulated products.


Durable ultrafine fiber material is treated with a special substance. Due to which the fabric becomes soft and fluffy. The main advantage is good protection against wind and moisture. The disadvantage is that it quickly loses its properties.

Impregnated fabric

For different types of jackets, fabric is also produced, which is treated with special impregnation. It allows you to protect the thing from dirt. The main advantage of impregnated fabric is that it does not pass water and wind. The disadvantage is the high price, models with high-quality impregnation should be looked for.


Refers to one of the types of fabric with impregnation. A thin film or a special substance for resistance is applied to the material. Matter has an attractive appearance, light in weight. However, the membrane is suitable only for sports types of outerwear and does not perform its functions under extreme temperature changes.

For winter weather, it is best to choose polyester or fabric with impregnation. It will help protect against wind, rain and snow. In addition, increased wear resistance will provide long-term wear. Products made from such materials do not lose their aesthetic appearance and look stylish in both female and male versions.

Jacket insulation selection

When choosing a heater, climatic conditions should be taken into account, since the material of the product will depend on temperature and humidity. The denser the filler, the warmer the outerwear.

Synthetic winterizer

It is considered the most affordable material, due to its low cost. Insulation is able to withstand only small temperatures. It passes air and is able to deform. More suitable for light jacket options.


Filler is one of the best analogues of natural fluff. The fibers are in the form of a spiral or balls uniformly distributed throughout the product. Jackets with such insulation are very light and thermally insulating. Therefore, great for cold weather.


The material is considered the best synthetic filler option for warm jackets. The insulation consists of polyesters with a silicone structure. It has high thermal insulation, has excellent quality.

Sheep's wool

Natural matter, which is famous for its strength and warmth. Jackets with sheep's wool insulation will save from the cold even at -40 temperatures. Such options for outerwear are much more expensive, however, their high quality is worth it.


Membrane fabric is similar in properties and quality to holofiber. The price is more expensive, as it is able to withstand low temperatures and protects against cold winds. The insulation does not leak moisture and holds its shape well.


The filler is famous for its thermal insulation. As well as products made from natural wool, jackets with a firework can be worn in frosty, windy weather, without fear of freezing. Things with such a heater are light, soft and pleasant to the body. They have good wear resistance.

When choosing a heater, it is best to choose natural wool. It surpasses many other models in quality and properties. However, it has a high cost and heavy weight. If you need a light, elegant, but warm model, then you can safely give preference to a firecracker. It is warm, light, and does not lose its shape. What is important with prolonged wear of the thing.

Pad Selection

When choosing the perfect jacket, pay attention to the lining. After all, it must be durable and well stitched so that the product does not tear and has a beautiful appearance.


Natural fabric has hypoallergenic quality and environmental safety. Commonly used in models where the inside is in contact with the body. It has a nice texture and beautiful appearance. As a pad for a winter jacket is used quite rarely.


It has a light, airy texture. It has good wear resistance and elasticity. The material is not electrified and retains heat well. The fabric is pleasant and soft to the touch. Therefore, it is used as a pad in children's things. A great option for autumn and spring jackets.


Matter is made from petroleum compounds. The fabric resembles various materials to the touch. Pleasant to the touch, has many color options. Polyester is easy to care for, does not lose its color, does not deform, dries quickly.


Flannel fabric is considered to be very warm and has not lost its popularity for several centuries. The material is environmentally friendly and beautiful in appearance. However, it absorbs moisture greatly. Therefore, the lining is suitable only for clothing models where the upper part of the product is made of waterproof fabric. Otherwise, there is a risk of getting wet in the rain.

Quilted fabric

The most popular lining option for today. Soft, durable and warm fabric insulates well. Stylish appearance and pleasant texture allows you to make a thing not only beautiful, but also practical.

An ideal jacket should have a lining made of polyester or nylon. Such matter does not allow air to pass through, does not absorb moisture and has a stylish appearance. This option is suitable for both sports models and elegant classic options.

What color jacket is best for winter?

When choosing a jacket or down jacket it is better to choose the dark shades of the product. They are more practical, since this type of clothing does not need to be washed every 2-3 times after wearing. Dark clothes make the silhouette more elegant and slimmer, which will appeal to the fair sex. Bright, saturated tones are suitable for spectacular girls, however, one should take into account the fact that such clothes are impractical to wear and may lose their color over time.

What styles jacket is better to take for the winter

When choosing outerwear for the winter, you need to consider not only the quality of the material, but also the style of the product. After all, the comfort and style of the owner will depend on him.

Young girls / boys

Young girls and boys are better off choosing transformer models. They can be worn not only in cold weather, but also in the cool season. In such products, you can easily unfasten the top, bottom, sleeves or insulation inside. Therefore, such models have not lost their relevance for several seasons.

Remember! Transformer jackets are both female and male. Manufacturers produce a wide variety of options with different detachable options.

Sport models are always in trend. Convenient and comfortable style allows not only to look stylish, but also not to freeze in the cold. It is also easy to engage in an active lifestyle in such outerwear.

Ladies / Middle-aged Men

Middle-aged people are better off choosing more classic outerwear options. Classic always remains in trend. Down jackets of medium length or jackets below the thigh look fashionable, elegant and tasteful, both for men and women.

Perfect Winter Jacket Formula

An ideal winter jacket should be light, warm and practical. Choose from polyester or fabric with impregnation. They are more practical and retain heat well. From the insulation, it is worth giving preference to natural wool or firework. With such a filler, it will not be possible to freeze even at -40. A practical and convenient liner will be polyester or nylon.

Choosing clothes by such parameters. It will be possible not only to choose a stylish option and a convenient option for outerwear. But also to buy a warm and comfortable jacket. This option will appeal to both young people and older people.