Best swimming half masks

Love to swim and dive - then you can not do without a good half mask that protects the eyes from the effects of the aquatic environment. And the beauty of the deep sea with such an assistant will look much brighter and more voluminous.

Differences between half masks (masks) for swimming from glasses

There are many varieties of glasses for divers. Nevertheless, divers and fans of underwater research of shallow reservoirs are increasingly choosing half masks and masks.

Their advantages are obvious:

  • a volume pad of soft rubber or silicone gently presses on the skin, leaving almost no residue on them;
  • the risk of water flowing inside is minimal;
  • can be used both in the pool and at sea;
  • the lenses do not require additional treatment against fogging and are equipped with protective filters from ultraviolet radiation.

Brands half masks for swimming

The selection of such products does not imply any clear requirements. Such a thing, among other things, is selected according to the external design. If you like a model with mirror optics - feel free to buy it, even if the pool in which you are engaged is closed from the sun. To choose the most suitable half mask, it is best to try several types in turn . Only then will it be possible to objectively understand their advantages and disadvantages.

Mad wave

Representatives of this brand have a monolithic polycarbonate block with volumetric curved lenses of the same material. This contributes to a snug fit to the skin and expands the visibility, which creates comfortable conditions for the eyes.

Among the advantages of this lineup:

  • reliability of fastening and comfort;
  • breadth of side view;
  • soft silicone sealant;
  • the jumper takes on the individual form of the nose of a particular person;
  • the strap is dual, easily adjustable;
  • lenses are coated with antifog, have UV filters.


The modern technologies used by the company can be called a real breakthrough in terms of comfort and visibility.

Important! Half masks and masks are perfect for absolutely all people.

Those who at least once tried to try on one of these legendary models will never exchange it even for the most famous and popular.

Main advantages:

  • successful design decision;
  • softness and reliability of fixation;
  • volumetric sealant made of silicone;
  • the bifurcated fixing strap is easily adjusted by simply pressing the side clips made using modern Speedo FIT technologies;
  • large lenses do not distort objects and are coated with an antifog;
  • can be used both in indoor pools and at sea.


Products of this brand are convenient and practical, they are soft and reliable, comfortable fit. An ideal fit is provided by a liquid silicone sealant (Liquid Core technology) . Double elastic silicone strap is freely adjustable by side clips.

Polycarbonate lenses are not afraid of scratches and damage, they are wide-view, they do not distort the sharpness of outlines. They are equally convenient in the pool and in the open water.

In favor of the choice they say:

  • planting density, which completely prevents water from entering;
  • the volume of hard lenses guarantees excellent frontal and lateral visibility;
  • glasses do not require additional treatment from fogging;
  • special coating protects eyes from ultraviolet radiation;
  • convenient to adjust.

Flame mask

These patterns are ideal for those who often engage in the pool. A high shutter and an automatic clip for the strap provide real comfort. They can be used for quite a long time without feeling inconvenience, which is ensured by a special design of lenses with good peripheral visibility.

Their clear advantage is the absolute absence of problems with fogging . This is made possible thanks to the Antifog Ultra system, and UV 400 provides good eye protection from harmful light exposure.

Thus, half-masks are an excellent choice for lovers of beach holidays and activities in the pool . Correctly picking up such a product is possible only experimentally, having tested several models. Only then can you choose the one that suits you individually.