The best summer blanket: which one to choose?

You always want comfort and coziness! Especially when the long and not always easy day ends. Sleepless night in this case becomes a real punishment. To avoid this, you need to take care of a comfortable bed, quality bedding and a good blanket. With the winter option is easier - we are looking warmer. And what to do in the summer? In the heat, many cost a sheet, but on cool days and nights a thin blanket is required that will reliably protect against night coolness and make sleep comfortable. How to hide, how to pick up a summer blanket, so that later you won’t regret your wasting? Let's try to figure it out.

What should be a blanket for summer sleep

Bedding for the summer heat and warm season should be as comfortable and convenient as possible. This means that special attention should be paid to thermoregulation .

The most successful in terms of heat dissipation are:

  • linen;
  • silk;
  • bamboo;
  • tencel.

Important! Despite the warmth that gives fluff, wool and cotton as a filler, they are also often used for summer blankets. The fact is that they easily remove moisture and allow air to pass through, which allows the body to “breathe” during sleep.

Linen and silk are expensive materials that are not suitable for everyone. With limited funds, it is better to pay attention to natural cotton, bamboo or products with down filling . They are light, moderately warm and comfortable.

For young children, bike blankets are still often used. They provide comfortable warmth and at the same time do not create a feeling of heaviness during the sleep of babies. The summer cover should be light, so there is very little filler used, not more than 100 g per square meter of the product.

The summer blanket should be selected especially carefully, in accordance with the season and the needs of the person.

Important! It should be light, pleasant to the body, have high hygroscopicity and thermal insulation.

Choose a light blanket

Choosing a quality bedspread for the summer is difficult and difficult. The variety of materials makes you think about the correctness of your choice. We will understand the main varieties of summer blankets.


Perfectly remove moisture, have bactericidal properties. They can be used by people who suffer from allergic reactions, as they are completely harmless . At the same time, they maintain a good comfortable temperature during sleep.

Cotton and Bamboo

A wonderful alternative to expensive silk, these are more economical options for environmentally friendly blankets for the summer.

They have increased hygroscopicity and good thermal insulation properties, provide a comfortable sleep.


Such a product has a very low weight, you hardly feel it . This is very captivating when choosing a summer blanket.


One of the most popular natural materials today is tensel. This is a real find for the summer! After all, the tensel, as it were, combines the qualities of several fibers. It gives a feeling of coolness, has no contraindications for allergy sufferers, is durable and gentle at the same time.


There is still a large assortment of synthetic bedspreads that attract customers with their price and good thermal insulation properties. But do not forget that synthetics absolutely do not “breathe” .

Important! A synthetic product will not provide proper comfort and create a danger of catching a cold.

Possibility of use in the winter

Use the selected bedspread only for its intended purpose. When used in the winter months, it will be of little use .

Although some people prefer coolness and can sleep in the winter months and under a thin summer blanket. The main thing in this case is that the bedspread should be made of natural fabrics and not create a “bathhouse”. A person steamed under synthetics can easily open up and catch a cold in a small breeze.