Best outfits at the Heat Festival in Baku 2019

The annual music festival "Heat" -2019 was held in Baku. It brought together both Russian pop stars and foreign guests. It was not just a cultural event, but also an occasion to show oneself. Many demonstrated bright original outfits . Their choice was influenced not only by fashion trends, but also by thirty-degree heat.

What outfits did the stars show?

Ani Lorak

She appeared in a long, floor- length white dress. Embroidered with lace, in the lower part it was translucent, because of which the lower skirt was visible. Open shoulders and a deep neckline complemented it.

Julia Kovalchuk

She chose a long flowing dress in delicate beige and pink . Bare hands and an open back made the image bolder, and embroidery and rhinestones added zest to it.

Emin with his wife

Emin’s beautiful suit with bow tie harmonized well with his wife’s luxurious long dress. The dress was a delicate dark pink shade with bare shoulders and a flared skirt, which was clearly to the face of a beautiful woman.

Christina Orbakaite

Christina, apparently - a lover of the classics. The singer appeared in an elegant black dress with Lurex : to the floor, one shoulder was bare, the other was hidden behind a transparent sleeve.

Nastya Kamensky

The singer appeared in public in a dress of bright pink color, decorated with a zebra print. Long midi, tight-fitting, it emphasized the figure of the girl, and her shoulders were open.

Yana Churikova

The presenter appeared in the image of a fatal woman : a dress of deep wine color, completely closed, but tight-fitting. Length is maxi. Embroidered with sequins and rhinestones and shimmered in the rays.

Stephen Seagal and Erdenetuaa Batsuk

The couple came in Asian-style outfits, which attracted the attention of many . Batsuk emphasized the color of her skin and eyes with the olive color of her Chinese dress, decorated with a floral motif in other shades of green.

Sergey Lazarev

Prefer casual style: black pants and a t-shirt. But he chose an accent bomber with red flowers and complemented the image for hours.

Julia Baranovskaya

The TV presenter put on a long sleeveless jumpsuit, all embroidered with gold sequins . The girl used the same color as the main one in makeup.

On the third day, she appeared in a white, more restrained classic overalls.

Natalia Podolskaya

The singer has opted for a mini-dress of dense fabric with glitter . Open shoulders, lush sleeves and a long sash - these were his differences.

Alena Sviridova

The woman appeared in a long tight dress on thin straps. It consisted entirely of large blue sequins a la fish scales.

The festival “Heat” -2019 showed creativity in women's dresses and songs, and the images presented by them were very diverse: from classical to creative.