The benefits of bamboo pillows

The name "bamboo pillows" is often misleading. Hard wood products immediately come to mind that you don’t want to put under your head at all. But in reality, bamboo is a very soft material similar to sintepon . Pillows made of such material are rather dense, but comfortable and pleasantly soft. Recently, it is one of the most popular accessories for healthy sleep.

Than and to whom bamboo pillows are useful

On the packaging you can often find an inscription in large letters stating that the composition of the goods is 100% natural. However, only a small part of the pillows is made of natural fiber without synthetic impurities. The rest is a mixture of synthetic winterizer, holofiber or another synthetic filler. As a rule, only covers are made of bamboo raw materials.


However, such a pillow has a number of undeniable advantages.

No microorganism

Fungi, mold, ticks and other pests do not settle inside. This is an important factor for people suffering from respiratory system disorders and allergic reactions .


The filler and cover are completely hygienic. Synthetic and bamboo fibers do not emit a foreign smell, do not absorb odors from the outside, do not emit harmful substances and do not accumulate dust . These factors are also very important for people with allergic reactions.

Air tightness

Bamboo products are breathable. Moisture quickly evaporates from the surface, and it is convenient for everyone to sleep on it.

Saving Form

It keeps its shape well. The pillow will last quite a while, but over time it will begin to condense.

Such pillows are affordable and are sold in most stores. However, they have a significant minus.

Important! Because of their softness, they are not suitable for people who have problems with the spine, as well as with increased sweating.

Pectins for rejuvenation

In some cases, manufacturers claim that bamboo fiber contains pectins that are good for the body. They restore and rejuvenate the skin, soaking into it during sleep . This is unconfirmed information, which is very doubtful.

The bamboo fiber pillow is primarily a comfortable soft accessory for night sleep. It helps to gradually relax and get a good rest .

How to choose a quality pillow with bamboo

To choose a quality product, you need to have certain knowledge and not trust the words of the manufacturer completely.

Selection options

You should make sure that the pillow you choose meets all the stated requirements. To do this, study the following information.


The packaging should indicate that the accessory filler is made of bamboo, bamboo fiber or cellulose. A small amount of synthetics is allowed, but it is better to buy natural products.


All lines should be smooth, without gaps or discrepancies.


A product made from natural raw materials has good breathability. To check this, just try to inhale through the pillow.


Today, on the market of accessories for sleeping, you can find two types of pillows: anatomical and orthopedic .

Reference! The first view is suitable for absolutely everyone. And the second is designed specifically for people suffering from diseases of the spine, especially in the cervical region.

In addition, experts note that it is not worth saving on the purchase of bamboo fiber products . Only high-quality goods will ensure a sound and healthy sleep, as well as a full night's rest. And with proper care, such a product will last about 5-6 years. Therefore, it is better to choose an expensive option and be sure of quality.